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Yan-xin Duan, Ying Xu, Ran Wang and Chun-hui Ma

‘Akizuki’ ( Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai), a Japanese pear, plays an important role in pear production in China because of its good quality characteristics such as large fruit, pretty shape, delicate pulp. and high soluble solid content. However, with the

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Kevin Lombard, Bernd Maier, Franklin J. Thomas, Mick O’Neill, Samuel Allen and Rob Heyduck

berries having >21% soluble solids, using a handheld digital refractometer (PAL-1; ATAGO, Tokyo, Japan), and dark brown, nonastringent tasting seeds. When these criteria were met, all vines for a particular entry with marketable grapes were counted (to

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Tyler Simons, Hanne Sivertsen and Jean-Xavier Guinard

market ready by use of the California Standard. The California Standard indeed is a quality measurement, based on soluble solids concentration and acid concentration, that aims to enhance consumer acceptability of the fruit ( Ferguson and Grafton

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Abdullah Ibrahim, Hesham Abdel-Razzak, Mahmoud Wahb-Allah, Mekhled Alenazi, Abdullah Alsadon and Yaser Hassan Dewir

from each treatment, homogenized in a kitchen blender, and used for the analytical determination of vitamin C content, total soluble solid content, titratable acidity, and total sugar content. The content of vitamin C was measured using the classic

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Michele R. Warmund, Jeanne D. Mihail and Kaley Hensel

fruiting and vegetative growth of elderberry plants; 2) compare soluble solids, pH, and titratable acidity of berry puree from infected and uninfected plants; and 3) characterize environmental conditions associated with potential rust infection of

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Yanina Perez Cayo, Steven Sargent, Cecilia do Nascimento Nunes and Vance Whitaker

sensory characteristics of several commercial genotypes were reported over a 2-year period and were related to variations in the soluble solids content (SSC)/acidity ratios between strawberry cultivars ( Jouquand et al., 2008 ). In addition, preharvest

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Sat Pal Sharma, Daniel I. Leskovar, Kevin M. Crosby and A.M.H. Ibrahim

high amount of β-carotene and vitamin C has been a great challenge for muskmelon breeders. Soluble solids content (SSC) is a reliable indicator of quality that has been routinely used by breeders to screen germplasm for sweetness ( Villanueva, 2004

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Fatih Ali Canli, Murat Sahin, Nurettin Temurtas and Mustafa Pektas

the skin was removed, using a firmness tester (model FT 001 Fruit Texture Analyser; Gullimex, Alfonsine, Italy) equipped with a 4.94-mm probe. The soluble solids concentration was determined using a refractometer (model N.O.W. 507-1; Nippon Optical

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Domingos P.F. Almeida and Maria Helena Gomes

). Applied to kiwifruit immediately after harvest, 1-MCP reduces respiration rate, ethylene production, flesh softening, color development, and decay ( Kim et al., 2001 ; Koukounaras and Sfakiotakis, 2007 ). 1-MCP has little or no effect on soluble solids

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Simone da Costa Mello, Francis J. Pierce, Rachel Tonhati, Guilherme Silva Almeida, Durval Dourado Neto and Kiran Pavuluri

. Postharvest quality evaluations. Dry matter percentage, total soluble solids, nutrient concentrations, and starch content (%) were evaluated from five tuber samples from each plot. Tubers were dried at 68 °C until they reached a constant weight and from the