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Amit J. Jhala, Analiza H.M. Ramirez and Megh Singh

). A study reported that rimsulfuron applied postemergence provided inconsistent weed control in potato ( Eberlein et al., 1994 ); however, tank mixing with other herbicides such as metribuzin or pendimethalin improved weed control ( Hutchinson, 2007

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Alex J. Lindsey, Joseph DeFrank and Zhiqiang Cheng

addition of metribuzin to tank mix did result in higher green color ratings. Seashore paspalum green color ratings for topramezone + ethofumesate and topramezone + mesotrione + ethofumesate were significantly lower in the winter season (Expt. 1) than the

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J. Scott McElroy, James D. McCurdy and Michael L. Flessner

tank-mixing low rates of atrazine with mesotrione improved weed control ( Armel et al., 2005 ; Johnson and Young, 2002 ). Similarly, Willis et al. (2007) reported simazine plus mesotrione tank-mixture controlled white clover ( Trifolium repens

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S.D. Sharma and M. Singh

Several factors influence the efficacy of foliar applied herbicide, e.g., water quality, adjuvant, tank-mixed application of two or more herbicides, and environmental conditions ( Colby, 1967 ; Foy, 1989 ; McWhorter, 1982 ). Adjuvants often

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Katie J. Kammler, S. Alan Walters and Bryan G. Young

alone, respectively. Tank-mixing clethodim or sethoxydim with halosulfuron did not increase pumpkin plant injury compared with clethodim and sethoxydim alone. Similar results were observed at 28 DAPT. Overall pumpkin injury was greatest at 7 DAPT in

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Raymond A. Cloyd

gnat ( Bradysia spp.), leafminer (Agromyzidae), whitefly (Homoptera), mealybug (Pseudococcidae), and spider mite that feed on ornamental crops, greenhouse producers will commonly mix together or tank mix two or more pesticides, including conventional

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Amir Rezazadeh and Richard L. Harkess

pulcherrima ( Boldt, 2008 ; Currey and Lopez, 2011 ; Karunananda and Peiris, 2010 ; Lopez and Runkle, 2007 )]. Also, the tank-mix of daminozide + chlormequat has been used effectively to control plant height ( Gibson and Whipker, 2003 ; Lewis et al., 2004

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Gary E. Vallad, Kenneth L. Pernezny, Botond Balogh, Aimin Wen, Jose Francisco L. Figueiredo, Jeffrey B. Jones, Timur Momol, Rosa M. Muchovej, Nikol Havranek, Nadia Abdallah, Steve Olson and Pamela D. Roberts

Florida not only confirmed the predominance of X . perforans races 3 and 4, but that all strains were tolerant to copper (J.B. Jones, unpublished data). To suppress copper-tolerant strains, growers tank-mix copper bactericides with an

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Vladimir Orbović, Diann Achor and James P. Syvertsen

spray tank mixes or hypersensitivity of some plant tissues. Incidence of russeting on Granny Smith apples increased when the Cu-based fungicide, Kocide, was applied in late stages of flower and fruit development ( Teviotdale et al., 1997 ). Kocide sprays

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Jawwad A. Qureshi, Barry C. Kostyk and Philip A. Stansly

. citri contain single or multiple MoA toxins. The latter is achieved by using premixed products or tank mixing multiple products with different MoAs to enhance efficacy and target multiple pests. However, it is important to investigate the effectiveness