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Camellia japonica ( Zhang, 2006 ), Nelumbo nucifera ( Jiang et al., 2009 ), Amygdalus persica ( Wang and Zhang, 2010 ), Osmanthus fragrans ( Zhu et al., 2012 ), and other plants. The double type of peony has the most popular varieties in the

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magenta flower color of Antirrhinum majus changes to pink when conical epidermal cells are flattened ( Noda et al., 1994 ). The length and arrangement of Iris tectorum petal epidermal cells also have certain influence on the flower color ( Yoshida et

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characteristics and growth and development of Iris japonica under different illumination Acta Pratacul. Sinica. 22 264 272 Cao, F.L. Wang, G.B. Yu, W.W. 2014 Integration of oriented cultivation techniques for fruit forest of Ginkgo biloba L J

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vulpina (L.) Hue in the Sierra Nevada, California Sci. Total Environ. 490 205 212 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2014.04.119 Cai, S.Z. Li, X. Pan, Y.Z. Li, J. Hu, T.X. Ye, C. 2013 A study on photosynthetic characteristics and growth and development of Iris japonica

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