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Anderson Machado de Mello, Nereu Augusto Streck, Erin E. Blankenship and Ellen T. Paparozzi

both among and within species ( Kitchen and Meyer 1991 ; Meyer et al., 1995 ). In perennial production classes at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, fresh penstemon seed sown without any soaking will take 4 to 5 weeks to germinate with only a maximum

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Huan Zhang, Carol Miles, Shuresh Ghimire, Chris Benedict, Inga Zasada, Hang Liu and Lisa DeVetter

; DeVetter et al., 2017 ; Ghimire et al., 2018 ; Miles et al., 2012 ). Few studies have explored the use of BDMs in perennial production systems. Mulch requirements for perennial systems are different from those for annual systems because perennial crops

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Horacio E. Alvarado-Raya, Rebecca L. Darnell and Jeffrey G. Williamson

first-year yields in perennial production systems but lower than yields obtained in subsequent years of perennial systems ( Darnell et al., 2006 ). The lower yields may be the result of root loss when plants are removed from the nursery and lack of root

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Vance M. Whitaker, Luis F. Osorio, Tomas Hasing and Salvador Gezan

correlated traits that, if adverse, may hinder breeding progress if they are ignored during selection. Previous studies have reported genetic parameters for plant and fruit traits of strawberries in both annual and perennial production systems (reviewed by

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S. Alan Walters and Elizabeth A. Wahle

.C. Doll, personal communication; Shehata et al., 2009 ). Field production systems Horseradish can be produced in an annual or perennial production system. In Illinois, horseradish is grown in an annual production system ( Rhodes, 1977 ), which is similar

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Hannah M. Mathers, Alejandra A. Acuña, Donna R. Long, Bridget K. Behe, Alan W. Hodges, John J. Haydu, Ursula K. Schuch, Susan S. Barton, Jennifer H. Dennis, Brian K. Maynard, Charles R. Hall, Robert McNeil and Thomas Archer

was defined as a place of ornamental plant (annuals and perennials) production, excluding Christmas trees, with at least one paid full-time employee, not including the nursery owner, and sampling and observation units being the nursery (cluster) and

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Colleen Kennedy, Tomas N. Hasing and Vance M. Whitaker

, and many other regions. Environmental conditions in spring/summer perennial production systems in northern latitudes are vastly different from these locales. In addition to the often humid conditions and dramatic temperature fluctuations in the

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Thomas Graham and Michael A. Dixon

concentration constant while modulating the exposure time. Expt. 3 was designed to evaluate liverwort response to application frequency at CTs previously determined to be acceptable for woody perennial production ( Graham et al., 2009 ). Expt. 1. This experiment

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W. Garrett Owen

’s guide to perennial production. Ball Publishing, Batavia, IL Scoggins, H.L. 2005 Determination of optimum fertilizer concentration and corresponding substrate electrical conductivity for ten taxa of herbaceous perennials HortScience 40 1504 1506 Urban, J

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W. Garrett Owen and Roberto G. Lopez

-mediated adventitious root formation in mustard seedlings ( Sinapis alba L.) Planta 150 321 329 Pilon, P. 2006 Perennial propagation, p. 249–296. In: P. Pilon (ed.). Perennial solutions: A grower’s guide to perennial production. Ball Publishing, Batavia, IL Randall, W