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Alessandro Abruzzese, Ilaria Mignani and Sergio M. Cocucci

Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) trees are often affected by a severe June fruit drop, which is often correlated with competition phenomena involving fruit nutrition. This research was initiated to determine if June drop in `Gloster'/M.9 apple could be correlated with a diminished nutrient availability in developing seeds and fruit. During the test period [30 to 62 days after full bloom (AFB)], the fruit that abscised had a diameter similar to that reached by persisting fruit 13 days earlier. Biochemical parameters related to nutritional status of fruit were measured when an abscission peak occurred 38 days AFB. Persisting fruit (control) and abscised fruit were compared along with fruit that abscise 13 days later. The cortex tissue obtained from the two kinds of abscised fruit showed a higher level of soluble reducing sugars and sucrose and a lower content of K+, acid hydrolyzable polysaccharides, and protein compared to the control. Further, the Ca2+ content was higher in abscised fruit than in controls of the same age, whereas there was no difference when fruit of the same size were compared. Total amino acid level was similar in control and abscised fruit at the same age, but there was a lower amino acid level in abscised fruit of the same size. Histological analysis of cortex tissue indicated that abscised fruit have larger cells with less evident nuclei and thinner cell walls than controls. Compared to control fruit, abscised fruit showed the same average number of seeds and a severe inhibition of seed growth; seeds from both kinds of abscised fruit had the same or higher levels of the parameters measured. No positive correlations were observed between fruit abscission and nutrient content of seeds or fruit.

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Abdullah Ibrahim, Hesham Abdel-Razzak, Mahmoud Wahb-Allah, Mekhled Alenazi, Abdullah Alsadon and Yaser Hassan Dewir

). In addition, total fruit yield (tonnes per hectare) and its components (i.e., number of fruit per plant and average fruit weight) were recorded after each harvest. Measurements of fruit nutritional quality traits . Five fruit were randomly collected

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Hagai Yasuor, Alon Ben-Gal, Uri Yermiyahu, Elie Beit-Yannai and Shabtai Cohen

accumulation period (168 and 207 DAP), and just before the last harvest (250 DAP). Fruit quality and analysis of fruit nutritional value were conducted on five fully mature, red ripe, export-grade pepper fruits without any biotic or physiological disorders such

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Denise Neilsen, Gerry H. Neilsen, Bahar Fallahi and Bahman Shafii

irrigation and crop load management on fruit nutrition and quality for Ambrosia/M.9 apple Acta Hort (in press). Neilsen, D. Smith, S. Frank, G. Koch, W. Alila, Y. Merritt, W. Taylor, B. Barton, M. Hall, J. Cohen, S. 2006 Potential impacts of climate change on

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Peng Li, Weifeng Wu, Faxing Chen, Xinghui Liu, Yongan Lin and Jianjun Chen

laboratory testing of numerous ‘Crown’ plum fruit samples harvested from multiple sites over a 5-year period showed fruit nutritional values as follows: total soluble solids: 15.1 ± 0.5 °Brix; total carbohydrate content: 10.80%; monosaccharides: 6

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Samuel Salazar-García, Isidro J.L. González-Durán and Martha E. Ibarra-Estrada

regression analysis. 2nd Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY Embleton, T.W. Jones, W.W. 1966 Avocado and mango nutrition, p. 51–76. In: Childers, N.F. (ed.). Fruit nutrition. Horticultural Publications, Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, NJ Embleton, T

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Bahar Fallahi and Bahman Shafii

.J. 2008 Drainage losses of water, N and P from micro-irrigation systems in a young, high density apple planting Acta Hort. 792 483 490 Neilsen, D. Neilsen, G.H. Herbert, L. Guak, S. 2010 Effect of irrigation and crop load management on fruit nutrition and

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Esmaeil Fallahi

planting Acta Hort. 792 483 490 Neilsen, D. Neilsen, G.H. Herbert, L. Guak, S. 2010 Effect of irrigation and crop load management on fruit nutrition and quality for Ambrosia/M.9 apple Acta Hort. 868 63 72 Neilsen, D. Smith, S. Frank, G. Koch, W. Alila, Y

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Vanessa E.T.M. Ashworth, Haofeng Chen, Carlos L. Calderón-Vázquez, Mary Lu Arpaia, David N. Kuhn, Mary L. Durbin, Livia Tommasini, Elizabeth Deyett, Zhenyu Jia, Michael T. Clegg and Philippe E. Rolshausen

a high fruit set, such as flowering type. Fruit nutritional composition is a further aspect that has seen a recent surge in interest. Among the health benefits attributed to avocado are its heart-healthy properties, reduction of blood lipids, and

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María José Jiménez-Moreno and Ricardo Fernández-Escobar

Sci. Hort. 209 279 285 Gilbert, N. 2009 The disappearing nutrient Nature. 461 716 718 Hartmann, H.T. Uriu, K. Lilleland, O. 1966 Olive nutrition, p. 252–261. In: N.F. Childers (ed.). Temperate to tropical fruit nutrition. Horticultural Publications