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Joey H. Norikane

fluorescent lighting. The two red:blue (R:B) ratios chosen were 2.7 and 0.7, respectively. Figure 3 shows slight differences in canopy heights among the fluorescent control and the two R:B treatments with the LED plants being shorter, but there were no

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Rebecca A. Schnelle and James E. Barrett

the following locations: open-wall greenhouse, polyethylene-glazed greenhouse under 80% shade fabric, three-wall potting shed, or interior of a building under fluorescent lighting. Table 2. The main effects of location (A) and paclobutrazol

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Jen Colcol Marzu, Elizabeth Straley and Michael J. Havey

-infected onion bulbs from Texas and used for all evaluations. The isolate was preserved in sterile soil ( Dhingra and Sinclair, 1985 ), sprinkled onto V8 agar plates, and incubated at 24 °C with 12-h fluorescent lighting for 7 d. Eight 10-mm-diameter plugs were

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Heidi Marie Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle

and canopy temperatures (°C) as measured by thermocouples and infrared sensors for the six light-emitting diode (LED) lighting treatments (B = blue; G = green; R = red) and one fluorescent lighting treatment. z Data collection and statistical analysis

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Yingmei Gao, Jingkang Hu, Tingting Zhao, Xiangyang Xu, Jingbin Jiang and Jingfu Li

grown as the experimental plant material at the Northeast Agricultural University Experimental Station (Harbin, China). Seedlings were grown in a mixture of perlite:vermiculite:plant ash (1:6:2) in a growth room under fluorescent lighting (200 μE·m −2 ·s

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W. Patrick Wechter, Chandrasekar Kousik, Melanie McMillan and Amnon Levi

agar (PDA) plates. Isolates were grown under a 12-h diurnal lighting regime using high-intensity fluorescent lighting at 26 ± 2 °C. Inoculum for tests was generated by placing four 1-cm mycelium/agar plugs from a 10-d-old PDA plate into 500-mL

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Heidi M. Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle

each waveband represents its intensity (in micromole per square meter per second). Table 1. Actual air and canopy temperatures (°C) as measured by thermocouples and IR sensors for LED-lighting treatments (B: blue, R: red) and one fluorescent lighting

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Dean A. Kopsell, Carl E. Sams, T. Casey Barickman and Robert C. Morrow

comparison among LED light treatments is also made with traditional incandescent/fluorescent lighting in controlled environments. Materials and Methods Sprouting broccoli culture and harvest. Sprouting broccoli microgreens (Mountain Rose Herbs, Eugene, OR

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Susan M. Hawkins, John M. Ruter and Carol D. Robacker

diameter) pots on top of Fafard Germination Mix under fluorescent lighting at a set temperature of 21 °C. Two different methods of germination were used. The first method, used from Sept. to Nov. 2012, was a humidity tent. Seeds were sown on top of moist

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Philipp von Bieberstein, Ya-ming Xu, A.A. Leslie Gunatilaka and Raphael Gruener

chamber kept at 28 °C with 16 h of fluorescent lighting. After ≈5 weeks (late summer), seedlings with an aerial length of ≈5 cm were transferred to a float system [deep water culture containing 50% modified Hoagland Nutrient Medium ( Hoagland and Arnon