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Jason Sanders, Tina Marie Waliczek and Jean-Marc Gandonou

the captured water from the collection pond on each turn. Compost quality tests. A 5-gal sample of the finished compost drawn from various depths within the compost piles was sent to the Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory (University Park, PA

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Jongtae Lee

microbial biomass ( Suresh et al., 2004 ). The rate, timing, and technique of application can be controlled by the grower; however, compost quality can vary considerably within the same source and different sources at various times of the year ( Gaskell and

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Maria Papafotiou, Barbara Avajianneli, Costas Michos and Iordanis Chatzipavlidis

) were made in 1:5 volume water extracts ( Federal Compost Quality Assurance Organization, 1994 ), as well as measurements of total N ( McGill and Figueiredo, 1993 ), P, K, and Na ( Karam, 1993 ) concentration. P, K, and Na were extracted by HNO 3 . P was

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Yuncong Li, Edward Hanlon, George O'Connor, Jianjun Chen and Maria Silveira

of poor compost quality, tomato grown in MSW compost-amended calcareous soil had lower marketable yields in the first year than tomato grown in unamended soil. However, in the second year, tomato yields were significantly greater in the compost

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Maria Papafotiou, Niki Pergialioti, Lamprini Tassoula, Ioannis Massas and Georgios Kargas

.A. Simcock, R. Voyde, E. 2010 Extensive green (living) roofs for stormwater mitigation: Part 1 design and construction. Prepared by Auckland UniServices for Auckland Regional Council. Auckland Regional Council Technical Report 2010/017 Federal Compost Quality

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Lamprini Tassoula, Maria Papafotiou, Georgios Liakopoulos and Georgios Kargas

. Samples were prepared as detailed in Federal Compost Quality Assurance Organization (FCQAO), 1994. Hydraulic conductivity at saturation ( K s ), bulk density, and water retention were evaluated according to Reynold and Elrick (2002) , Blake and Hartge

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Courtney D. DeKalb, Brian A. Kahn, Bruce L. Dunn, Mark E. Payton and Allen V. Barker

a greenhouse HortTechnology 14 235 239 Sullivan, D.M. Miller, R.O. 2001 Compost quality attributes, measurements, and variability, p. 95–120. In: P.J. Stoffella and B.A. Kahn (eds.). Compost utilization in horticultural cropping systems. Lewis

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Norman Q. Arancon, Archana Pant, Theodore Radovich, Nguyen V. Hue, Jesse K. Potter and Chad E. Converse

vermicompost and chemical fertilizer J. Sci. Food Agr. 89 2383 2392 Pant, A. Radovich, T.J.K. Hue, N.V. Paull, R. 2012 Biochemical properties of compost tea associated with compost quality and effects on pak choi growth. Oral Presentation (Abstract #10465

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Mary A. Rogers

quality transplants, but compost quality varied and salinity was problematic in one replicate ( Ozores-Hampton et al., 1999 ). Organic vegetable production in CEA with soilless media Compared with transplant production, few studies focus on organic

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

conditions Ecol. Eng. 64 142 150 Pant, A.P. Radovich, J.K.T. Hue, N.V. Paull, R.E. 2012 Biochemical properties of compost tea associated with compost quality and effects on pakchoi growth Sci. Hort. 148 138 146 Reeves, D.W. 1997 The role of soil organic