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Katrine Heinsvig Kjaer and Carl-Otto Ottosen

how irregular light periods affect plant growth and carbohydrate metabolism of chrysanthemum plants. It was hypothesized that the irregular changes in the distribution and length of NB lighting periods would disturb the circadian rhythm of the light

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Fengyun Zhao, Junli Sun, Songlin Yu, Huaifeng Liu and Kun Yu

rhizosphere soil bacterial genera and fungal genera. Biomass accumulation and distribution. The biomass of the new leaves and fine roots (<2 mm) treated with aeration was 35.82% and 83.74% higher than that of the CK treatment, and the difference reached

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Richard T. Olsen

. Ricklefs, R.E. 2000 Large-scale processes and the Asian bias in species diversity of temperate plants Nature 407 180 182 Qian, H. Ricklefs, R.E. 2004 Geographical distribution and ecological conservatism of disjunct genera of vascular plants in eastern Asia

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Michela Centinari, Maria S. Smith and Jason P. Londo

focused on tolerance of dormant tissues to low winter temperatures, a major environmental constraint on the distribution of fruit crops in cold-climate regions ( Wolf, 2008 ). Freeze injury to vulnerable, green, and actively growing plant tissues can also

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Bhaskar Bondada

stereomicrograph of non-chromated peduncle of A showing colorless cells on the shaded surface, transverse light micrographs of ( D ) chromated peduncle showing anthocyanin accumulation pattern wherein uniform distribution of anthocyanins occurred in the

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Mohammed B. Tahboub, Soumaila Sanogo, Paul W. Bosland and Leigh Murray

. Least significant differences were used to carry out pairwise comparisons among treatments at a significance level of α = 0.05. Residuals were checked for normality and the GENMOD procedure using the Poisson distribution was used if normality was not

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Marcin Nowicki, Edward E. Schilling, Sarah L. Boggess, Logan C. Houston, Matthew L. Huff, Margaret E. Staton, Jayne A. Lampley and Robert N. Trigiano

) Pairwise Index of Association ( d ) was tested to infer the eSSR distribution over C. virginianum genome by the feature of the probability of their cosegregation. The d values are color-coded, according to the legend depicted on the right side. ( B

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Ninghang Wang, Chao Zhang, Sainan Bian, Pengjie Chang, Lingjuan Xuan, Lijie Fan, Qin Yu, Zhigao Liu, Cuihua Gu, Shouzhou Zhang, Yaling Wang and Yamei Shen

; p2 M. liliiflora ‘Hong Yuanbao’). ( B ) Color distribution in CIE L * a * b * coordinate systems of trivariate. Flower color parameter measurements. The use of the Royal Horticultural Society Color Chart (RHSCC) gave the ability to classify

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Diane M. Narem, Mary Hockenberry Meyer, Chengyan Yue and Nicole Roth

customers, as expected had more surveys; however, the total number of surveys and the similar distribution between native plants only and traditional garden centers enabled us to believe this sample was representative of the shoppers at these stores

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Yifan Jiang, Xinlu Chen, Hong Lin, Fei Wang and Feng Chen

. The second direction is to study the biological/ecological significance of floral volatiles on the reproductive biology of wisteria species. Because the flowers of wisterias are visited by various organisms, many of which can serve as pollinators, it