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Hirotoshi Tsuda, Hisato Kunitake, Mai Yamasaki, Haruki Komatsu and Katsunori Yoshioka

characteristics of flowers in full bloom (corolla length, corolla width, shape index of corolla, corolla aperture, pedicel length, style length, and number of florets). Fruit characteristics (fruit weight, fruit diameter, fruit height, shape index, soluble solids

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Marina Petreikov, Lena Yeselson, Shmuel Shen, Ilan Levin, Arthur A. Schaffer, Ari Efrati and Moshe Bar

et al., 1999 ). One of the common themes that derive from previous research is that there is a general negative correlation between fruit total soluble solids concentration and yield ( Causse et al., 2007 ; Grandillo et al., 1999 ), so that increases

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Maria Victoria Huitrón, Manuel Diaz, Fernando Diánez, Francisco Camacho and Antonio Valverde

. To determine production parameters, eight plants from each experimental unit were evaluated the first year and six plants the second. The parameters evaluated were total soluble solids, pH, pulp firmness, size of pistil scar, rind thickness

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Duane W. Greene

Technical Products, Model EPT-1-R penetrometer (Kilowna, British Columbia, Canada) equipped with a 7-mm head. A composite juice sample was collected during the pressure test and the soluble solids concentration determined using a handheld refractometer

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Fatih A. Canli and Hikmet Orhan

et al., 2006 ). In contrast to results of Horvitz et al. (2003) and Choi et al. (2002) , few researchers have reported that it also increased soluble solid concentration (SSC) ( Basak et al., 1998 ; Lenehan et al., 2006 ) and the percentage of

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Julia M. Harshman, Wayne M. Jurick II, Kim S. Lewers, Shiow Y. Wang and Christopher S. Walsh

flavor, appearance, and nutritive value of red raspberries ( Kruger et al., 2011 ). Soluble solids increase in storage, which causes the fruit to taste sweeter, whereas titratable acids decrease in storage making the berries taste more dull and flat

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Tuan Anh Le, Zoltán Pék, Sándor Takács, András Neményi, Hussein G. Daood and Lajos Helyes

lesser extent than without PGPR ( Fig. 6 ). Fig. 6. Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on correlation between marketable yield and soluble solid content (Brix) in 2015. Vertical bars represent standard error of regressions ( n = 12

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Tyler G. Berkey, Anna Katharine Mansfield, Steven D. Lerch, James M. Meyers and Justine E. Vanden Heuvel

). Must composition. A sample of ≈20 clusters was collected randomly from each data collection panel and the clusters were pressed by hand. Soluble solids were measured by a r 2 mini digital refractometer (Reichert, Depew, NY). Must pH was determined

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Ferit Celik, Sezai Ercisli, Suzan O. Yilmaz and Attila Hegedus

compute values for chroma. Soluble solid contents were determined by extracting and mixing one drop of juice from each fruit into a digital refractometer and displayed as %. Vitamin C and titratable acidity were determined with the reflectometer set of

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M. Joseph Stephens, Peter A. Alspach, Ron A. Beatson, Chris Winefield and Emily J. Buck

markets. Key targets of the program include: high yield, firm fruit that can be harvested by machine, high soluble solids, moderately high acidity, excellent flavor, improved human health attributes, and plant disease resistance. Breeding for high yield