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Zhuangjun Zhao, Margaret Mukami Gitau, Tao Hu, Yan Xie, Longxing Hu and Jinmin Fu

Gupta (2001) . The sand was sifted through a 20-mesh sieve and mixed with peat in the ratio of 7:3. Peat served as the organic material with an N–P–K value of ≥2% as it appeared on the label. Perennial ryegrass (cv. Quick Start II) obtained from Wuhan

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Alyssa R. Tarrant, Daniel C. Brainard and Zachary D. Hayden

/clover living mulch in plasticulture-grown broccoli in 1 of 2 years. Broccoli leaf chlorophyll (SPAD) measurements supported the hypothesis that competition for soil N was a factor in yield reductions, and the authors speculated that conditions encouraging

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Eric H. Simonne, Karen E. Koch and John E. Erickson

-irrigated vegetables HortTechnology 6 168 171 Hebbar, S.S. Ramachandrappa, B.K. Nanjappa, H.V. Prabhakar, M. 2004 Studies on NPK drip fertigation in field grown tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Eur. J. Agron. 21 117 127 Hochmuth, G.J. 1992 Fertilizer management

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N. Mays, K.R. Brye, Curt R. Rom, M. Savin and M.E. Garcia

subsequently discontinued. An alfalfa ( Medicago sativa )-based commercial organic product (Bradfield Organics, Feed Solutions, St. Louis, MO; 3N–1P–5K nutrient analysis) was applied beginning in 2012. During the study, the average N–P–K content of the applied