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Jennifer Tillman, Ajay Nair, Mark Gleason and Jean Batzer

, G.D. 1999 Changes to the soil environment under conservation tillage HortTechnology 9 380 393 Karlen, D.L. Cambardella, C.A. Kovar, J.L. Colvin, T.S. 2013 Soil quality response to long-term tillage and crop rotation practices Soil Tillage Res. 133 54

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Sam E. Wortman, Ignatius Kadoma and Michael D. Crandall

Increased weed diversity, density and above-ground biomass in long-term organic crop rotations Renew. Agr. Food Syst. 25 281 295

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David Wees, Philippe Seguin, Josée Boisclair and Chloé Gendre

make it ideal for crop rotation in organic production systems. This may allow producers, including small-scale growers, to tap into local markets by selling sweetpotatoes in farmers’ markets or through other forms of direct marketing. Sweetpotato is one

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Virginia M. Moore and William F. Tracy

ability to use cultural controls such as crop rotation and increases the pest’s adaptability and probability of successful development ( Kennedy and Storer, 2000 ; Olmstead et al., 2016 ). The oviposition and feeding habits also limit the efficacy of

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Charles Zachry Ogles, Joseph M. Kemble, Amy N. Wright and Elizabeth A. Guertal

-year crop rotation scheme with summer squash and collards in the summer and fall of 2012, respectively. To eliminate the rotation order effect, the crops were switched in each year: yellow squash-collard in 2012 and collard-yellow squash in 2013. To

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Daniel C. Brainard and D. Corey Noyes

. Reider, C. Drinkwater, L.E. 1997 Effect of compost addition and crop rotation point upon VAM fungi Agr. Ecosyst. Environ. 65 257 266 ERS/USDA 2011 U.S. carrot statistics. Table 12. MI carrots, fresh market and processing, 1960–2009. < http

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Nicholas D. Warren, Richard G. Smith and Rebecca G. Sideman

northern New England, however, short growing seasons can limit opportunities to establish productive cover crops between cash crop growing periods, particularly in vegetable crop rotations ( Snapp et al., 2005 ). In these cases, living mulch (LM) systems, a

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

agriculture on soil-quality parameters in three different crop-rotation systems J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 173 391 398 Evans, G.C. 1972 The quantitative analysis of plant growth. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA Fraser, P.D. Bramley, P.M. 2004 The

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Karen E. Koch and Lincoln Zotarelli

the nutrient residency time in the root zone. Popular solutions among vegetable growers include fertigation with drip irrigation, controlled-release fertilizer, crop rotation, cover cropping, and soil moisture–sensing methods ( Simonne et al., 2017

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Paolo Benincasa, Marcello Guiducci and Francesco Tei

. 2010 Tracking nitrogen losses in a greenhouse crop rotation experiment in North China using the EU-Rotate_N simulation model Environ. Pollut. 158 2218 2229 Hirel, B. Le Gouis, J. Ney, B. Gallais, A. 2007 The challenge of improving nitrogen use