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Craig E. Kallsen

during bloom have been found to negatively affect fruit set in olive [ Olea europaea ( Cuevas et al., 1994 )] and in stone fruit such as apricot [ Prunus armeniaca ( Burgos et al., 1991 )], peach [ P. persica ( Kozai et al., 2004 )], and cherry [ P

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Paul Vossen

BOTANICAL CLASSIFICATION OF THE OLIVE The true genetic origin of today's cultivated olive Olea europaea L. var. communis is not known. Some scientists believe that the “European” olive, which has the only Olea with sufficiently large

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Bernadine C. Strik, Gil Buller and Julie M. Tarara

shelters” in forestry) have been used successfully to improve the establishment of grape ( Vitis sp.), walnut ( Juglans regia L.), olive ( Olea europaea L.), and landscape or forest trees ( Burger et al., 1996 ; Famiani et al., 2007 ; Hall and Mahaffee

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Karen R. Harris-Shultz, Brian M. Schwartz, Wayne W. Hanna and Jeff A. Brady

.C. Martin, A. Fogher, C. Donini, P. Lee, D. 2008 Standardization of a set of microsatellite markers for use in cultivar identification studies in olive ( Olea europaea L.) Sci. Hort. 116 367 373 Forbes, I. Burton, G.W. 1963 Chromosome numbers and meiosis in

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Briana L. Gross, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Philip L. Forsline, Gennaro Fazio and C. Thomas Chao

, J. Polito, V. 2011 Molecular characterization of genetic diversity, structure, and differentiation in the olive ( Olea europaea L.) germplasm collection of the United States Department of Agriculture Genet. Resources Crop Evol. 58 519 531 Laucou, V

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Joyous Suiyigheh Tata and Hans Christian Wien

-dependent and independent processes associated with floral organ abscission in arabidopsis Plant Physiol. 134 194 203 Polito, V.S. Lavee, S. 1980 Anatomical and histochemical aspects of ethephon-induced lead abscission in olive ( Olea europaea ) Bot. Gaz. 141

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Kirk W. Pomper, Jeremiah D. Lowe, Li Lu, Sheri B. Crabtree, Shandeep Dutta, Kyle Schneider and James Tidwell

cherry ( Cantini et al., 2001 ), 12.1 for apple ( Hokanson et al., 1998 ), and 9.1 for pear ( Sisko et al., 2009 ). Tree species with lower reported average alleles per locus include olive ( Olea europaea L.) with 5.5 ( Noormohammadi et al., 2007

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Salih Kafkas, Sezai Ercişli, Yıldız Doğan, Yaşar Ertürk, Ayhan Haznedar and Remzi Sekban

[ Olea europaea ( Hagidimitriou et al., 2005 ). These discrepancies were also previously reported by Zamani et al. (2007) , who compared data from the genetic distance matrices obtained from RAPD markers and from fruit characteristics in pomegranate

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Freddy Mora, Cristóbal M. Concha and Carlos R. Figueroa

survival in Eucalyptus globulus on an Andean foothill site Tree Genet. Genomes 10 711 719 Mora, F. Tapia, F. Scapim, C.A. Martins, E.N. Pinto, R.J.B. Ibacache, A. 2008 Early performance of Olea europaea cv. Arbequina, Picual and Frantoio in the southern

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Alexandra García-Castro, Astrid Volder, Hermann Restrepo-Diaz, Terri W. Starman and Leonardo Lombardini

reported that the water deficit induced by irrigation with 50% ET also caused a reduction on the shoot length in olive [ Olea europaea ( Arquero et al., 2006 )], tamarillo [ Cyphomandra betacea ( Clavijo-Sanchez et al., 2015 )], and passionfruit