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Yanhong Lou, Liang Chen, Qingguo Xu and Xunzhong Zhang

Lumaret, R. Ouazzani, N. Michaud, H. Vivier, G. Dequilloux, M.F. Di Giusto, F. 2004 Allozyme variation of oleaster populations (wild olive tree) ( Olea europaea L.) in the Mediterranean Basin Heredity 92 343 351 Majidi, M.M. Mirlohi, A. Amini, F. 2009

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Maria Florencia Babuin, Mariela Echeverria, Ana Bernardina Menendez and Santiago Javier Maiale

bicolor , Triticum aestivum , Trifolium repens , Zea mays , Glycine max , Medicago sativa ( Augé, 2001 ), and Olea europaea ( Querejeta et al., 2003 ). One of the mechanisms by which AM fungi improve the water status of plants is by increasing

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James C. Locke, James E. Altland and Deanna M. Bobak

in N-deficient hydroponic solution; however, Boussadia et al. (2010) reported no effect on shoot:root ratio in two hydroponically grown olive ( Olea europaea L.) cultivars after 58 d of N deficiency. Our results, in conjunction with those of

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Thibault Nordey, Elias Shem and Joel Huat

.A. Salleo, S. 2007 Hydraulic kinetics of the graft union in different Olea europaea L. scion/rootstock combinations Environ. Expt. Bot. 60 245 250 Huat, J. 2003 Etude de l’influence du greffage sur la production de tomate cultivée sous abri en pleine terre

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Neil O. Anderson, Adnan Younis and Ye Sun

used in fingerprinting and genetic analyses of several horticultural crops [e.g., Olea europaea ( Hess et al., 2000 ), Magnifera indica ( Liu et al., 2007 ), Chrysanthemum ( Wolff et al., 1995 ), Leucadendron ( Pharmawati et al., 2005 ), asiatic

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Natalia Falagán, Francisco Artés, Perla A. Gómez, Francisco Artés-Hernández, Alejandro Pérez-Pastor, Jose M. de la Rosa and Encarna Aguayo

treatments contained more SPC that did the control treatment. Previous authors have shown water stress increasing polyphenol content in grape ( Vitis vinifera L.) cultivar Merlot ( Peterlunger et al., 2005 ), olive ( Olea europaea L.; Gómez-Rico et al

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Yun-Peng Zhong, Zhi Li, Dan-Feng Bai, Xiu-Juan Qi, Jin-Yong Chen, Cui-Guo Wei, Miao-Miao Lin and Jin-Bao Fang

usually resulted in cell membrane lipid peroxidation and the production of high amounts of MDA. Similar to the results reported in olive ( Olea europaea ) and tomato ( Solanum lycopersicum ) plants ( Petridis et al., 2012 ; Sanchez-Rodriguez et al., 2010

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Jason D. Lattier and Ryan N. Contreras

identified because of their increased volume ( Fig. 4 ). This is the first report of unreduced (2 n ) pollen in lilac, but is not the first report in the Oleaceae. B-chromosomes and unreduced pollen have been reported in cultivars of Olea europaea ( Sheidai

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Ockert P.J. Stander, Graham H. Barry and Paul J.R. Cronjé

( Olea europaea ), organs such as flowers, petioles of leaves, and stems of flowers and fruit are alternative tree organs from which nutrient analyses provide valuable supplemental information to leaf nutrient analyses ( Campisi-Pinto et al., 2017

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Mahvash Zarei, Majid Azizi, Majid Rahemi and Ali Tehranifar

salinity-treated ones. Our results are in agreement with Gucci et al. (1997) in their study on two olive ( Olea europaea ) cultivars indicating that exposure to 200 m m salt concentration reduced water potential. Further, Askri et al. (2012) reported