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Matthew D. Stevens, Brent L. Black, John D. Lea-Cox, Ali M. Sadeghi, Jennifer Harman-Fetcho, Emy Pfeil, Peter Downey, Randy Rowland and Cathleen J. Hapeman

:// ) has become popular. Both CCP and CMR use methyl bromide fumigation and other pesticides to control replant disorders. However, methyl bromide and other traditional pesticides are being phased out as a result of the restrictions mandated in the Montreal

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Francesco Di Gioia, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Jason Hong, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle, Joseph Albano, Xin Zhao, Zack Black, Zhifeng Gao, Chris Wilson, John Thomas, Kelly Moore, Marilyn Swisher, Haichao Guo and Erin N. Rosskopf

with soil solarization as a methyl bromide alternative: Vegetable crop performance and soil nutrient dynamics Plant Soil 378 365 381 Butler, D.M. Kokalis-Burelle, N. Muramoto, J. Shennan, C. McCollum, T.G. Rosskopf, E.N. 2012a Impact of anaerobic soil

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Oleg Daugovish, Hai Su and W. Douglas Gubler

transplants after inoculated with Colletotrichum acutatum at Oxnard, CA, on 22 July and 15 Oct. 2002, and on 9 Oct. 2004. Planting and data collec-tion. The plot sites were established in commercial fields that were flat fumigated with methyl bromide

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James R. Ballington, Barclay Poling and Kerry Olive

marketable yield levels and price levels. Although we still have numerous “research questions” related to identifying optimum DN cultivars and production methods, including alternatives to methyl bromide fumigation ( Welker, 2008 ) for growers in the

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Mark Hoffmann, Husein A. Ajwa, Becky B. Westerdahl, Steven T. Koike, Mike Stanghellini, Cheryl Wilen and Steven A. Fennimore

.C. Kokalis-Burelle, N. Holzinger, J. Booker, B. Yates-Yarbrough, S. Sances, J. 2017 Dominus for cut flower production. Annu. Intl. Res. Conf. Methyl Bromide Alternatives Emissions Reductions (MBAO), San Diego, CA Shennan, C. Muramoto, J. Koike, S. Barid, G

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RATES FOR BELL PEPPER PRODUCTION Reducing application rates of methyl bromide can allow mulched-pepper growers to survive while suitable alternatives to the soil fumigant are found. Santos et al. (p. 596 ) determined that using virtually impermeable

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Daniel S. Egel, Ray Martyn and Chris Gunter

Watermelon root development affected by direct seeding and transplanting HortScience 8 134 136 Gilreath, J.P. Noling, J.W. Santos, B.M. 2004 Methyl bromide alternatives for bell pepper ( Capsicum annum ) and

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Rachel E. Rudolph, Carl Sams, Robert Steiner, Stephen H. Thomas, Stephanie Walker and Mark E. Uchanski

). Once established, soilborne pathogens can be especially difficult to manage. For this reason, many growers nationwide have adopted the use of various chemical fumigants such as methyl bromide, metam sodium, metam potassium, chloropicrin, or 1

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Matthew D. Stevens, Brent L. Black, John D. Lea-Cox and Dillon Feuz

crop loss resulting from spring frost. To offset these higher establishment costs and greater risk, the CCP system has relied on methyl bromide fumigation to maximize yields ( Larson, 1996 ; Pritts and Handley, 1998 ). With the phase out of methyl

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Qasim Ahmed, Yonglin Ren, Robert Emery, James Newman and Manjree Agarwal

altitudinal transect in Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia Mem. Queensl. Mus. 55 333 347 Horn, F. Horn, P. Sullivan, J. 2005 Current practice in fresh fruit fumigation with phosphine in Chile. Proc. Annu. Res. Conf. Methyl Bromide Alternatives and