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Valtcho D. Zheljazkov, Tess Astatkie, Santosh Shiwakoti, Shital Poudyal, Thomas Horgan, Natasha Kovatcheva and Anna Dobreva

error term ɛ is assumed to have normal distribution with constant variance. The model parameters are represented by θ (instead of by β used for linear models) to highlight that these models are nonlinear ( Bates and Watts, 2007 ). Results Distillation

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H. Brent Pemberton, Kevin Ong, Mark Windham, Jennifer Olson and David H. Byrne

Texas where R. multiflora was used as a rootstock for garden rose production ( Ong et al., 2015 ; Philley, 1995 ). By 1994, RRD distribution was as far east as Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia ( Amrine, 2002 ) with reports mainly

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Heather Kalaman, Gary W. Knox, Sandra B. Wilson and Wendy Wilber

interest in common pollinators, common pollinator-friendly floral resources, and a favored means of accessing material about additional pollinator-friendly plants for landscape use. Survey distribution. The survey was designed and implemented using an

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Lu Zhang, You-biao Hu, Hua-sen Wang, Sheng-jun Feng and Yu-ting Zhang

genetic pathways that underlie these phase transitions will lead to a better understanding of what drives plant diversification and distribution in relation to ecological factors. Another important question is how the timing of vegetative phase change is

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Yu Zong, Ping Sun, Xiaoyan Yue, Qingfeng Niu and Yuanwen Teng

different distributions of genetic diversity within and among populations ( Birky et al., 1989 ). In addition, it is possible to examine phylogeographical events that occurred by seed and pollen movement. Using SSR markers, some studies have focused on

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Timothy L. Righetti, David R. Sandrock, Bernadine Strik, Carmo Vasconcelos, Yerko Moreno, Samuel Ortega-Farias and Pilar Bañados

. Atchley et al. (1976) suggested that ratios greatly confuse and, in many cases, invalidate critical statistical or biologic analyses of the original data. Packard and Boardman (1988) suggested that ecologic physiologists discontinue using ratios to

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Mark P. Widrlechner, Christopher Daly, Markus Keller and Kim Kaplan

western United States and Canada often have serious horticultural impacts (see Quamme et al., 2009 ). Topographic effects on the spatial distribution of the PH statistic are complex, due to competing effects of cooling with elevation and cold-air pooling

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Gina M. Angelella and Megan E. O’Rourke

smartweed ( Polygonum pensylvanicum L.), and common lambsquarters data from the Kentland #1 experiment were all transformed to presence or absence and fit to GLMMs with a binomial distribution and logit link function. To examine the overall effect of

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W.G. Harris, M. Chrysostome, T.A. Obreza and V.D. Nair

morphology and composition (horizon distributions) are important and predictable determinants of nutrient retention. Florida ecological communities are associated with specific landforms, soils, and drainage conditions that relate to horticultural

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Cary L. Rivard and Frank J. Louws

), caused by R. solanacearum , can be very problematic for all tomato growers as a result of lack of available resistance genes within cultivated tomato ( Opena et al., 1990 ; Walter, 1967 ; Wang et al., 1998 ) and widespread distribution in the southeast