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Shigenori Yaguchi, Tetsuya Nakajima, Toshihisa Sumi, Naoki Yamauchi and Masayoshi Shigyo

-van Ginkel, R. Verbeek, W.H.J. Wietsma, W.A. Kik, C. 2000 A genetic map of an interspecific cross in Allium based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP ™ ) markers Theor. Appl. Genet. 100 118 126

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Phillip A. Wadl, Xinwang Wang, John K. Moulton, Stan C. Hokanson, John A. Skinner, Timothy A. Rinehart, Sandra M. Reed, Vincent R. Pantalone and Robert N. Trigiano

pollinations in Cornus florida and C. kousa intra- and interspecific crosses HortScience 44 1527 1533 Wang, X. Trigiano, R. Windham, M. Scheffler, B. Rinehart, T. Spiers, J. 2008

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Jason Prothro, Hussein Abdel-Haleem, Eleni Bachlava, Victoria White, Steven Knapp and Cecilia McGregor

the gene is duplicated in any watermelon cultivars/accessions. Cla014057 shows homology to CitACS2 ( Salman-Minkov et al., 2008 ) that was isolated from an interspecific cross between C. colocynthis and C. lanatus var. lanatus. Another ACS

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Hsuan Chen, Lan Xue, Tong Li and Ryan N. Contreras

parents ( Malinowski et al., 2012 ) was released. In addition to interspecific crosses within a section, H. mutabilis has been used for intersectional crosses with H. moscheutos . Three interspecific hybrid cultivars of H. mutabilis × H. moscheutos

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Caihong Wang, Yike Tian, Emily J. Buck, Susan E. Gardiner, Hongyi Dai and Yanli Jia

( Pyrus pyrifolia Nakai) Mol. Ecol. Notes 2 14 16 Yamamoto, T. Kimura, T. Shoda, M. Imai, T. Saito, T. Sawamura, Y. Kotobuki, K. Hayashi, T. Matsuta, N. 2002c Genetic linkage maps constructed by using an interspecific cross between japanese and european

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Dario J. Chavez and Paul M. Lyrene

, R.E. 1980 The significance of genic balance to endosperm development in interspecific crosses Theor. Appl. Genet. 57 5 9 Lyrene, P.M. Perry, J.L. 1982 Production and selection of blueberry polyploids in

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Kim E. Hummer, Chad E. Finn and Michael Dossett

small fruit and berry crops. The second is to emphasize his efforts on Rubus including his development of thornlessness, pigment mutation, and interspecific crosses. In addition, Burbank’s efforts will be integrated into current work on small fruit and

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Jesús Enrique Retes-Manjarrez, Sergio Hernández-Verdugo, Carlos Alfonso López-Orona, Raymundo Medina-López, José Antonio Garzón-Tiznado and Jesús Enrique Retes-Cázarez

. Singh, M. Rai, M. 2014 Monogenic recessive resistance to Pepper leaf curl virus in an interspecific cross of Capsicum Sci. Hort 172 34 38 Retes-Manjarrez, J.E. Hernández-Verdugo, S. Evrard, A. Garzón-Tiznado, J.A. 2017 Heritability of the resistance

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Jia-yi Wang, Jian-shuang Shen, Mengmeng Gu, Jia Wang, Tang-ren Cheng, Hui-tang Pan and Qi-xiang Zhang

both bright yellow leaves and vigorous growth, interspecific crosses between F. ‘Courtaneur’ (female parent with green leaves) and ‘Suwon Gold’ (male parent) were carried out, and F 1 progenies with different leaf colors were obtained in the study

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Justin A. Schulze and Ryan N. Contreras

= 16 x , an interspecific cross might be possible. Similar approaches have been successfully applied in Rhododendron ( Kehr, 1996 ), Rosa ( Debener et al., 2003 ), and Vaccinium ( Lyrene, 2011 ) by doubling the chromosomes of one of the parents