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Katherine Bennett, Jared Jent, Uttara C. Samarakoon, Guido Schnabel and James E. Faust

flowers and rating the individual flowers in the images blindly at the end of each experiment. Infection severity was rated on a 1- to 9-point scale based on the area of infected corolla (1 = no infection; 9 = complete necrosis). Data analysis. Data

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Katherine Bennett, Mary Vargo, Guido Schnabel and James E. Faust

50%, 7 = 50% to 75%, 8 = 75% to 100%, 9 = 100% of the flower petal was infected). Botrytis inoculations were conducted during each week of the final 3 weeks of the experiment, for a total of three replications. Data analysis. Data analysis was

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Ben A. Bergmann, John M. Dole and Ingram McCall

7 weeks (data not shown) was similar to that for the number of leaves abscised by the end of 5 weeks ( Table 1 ). The data analysis for cumulative leaf abscission at 5 weeks is shown because that is the last week in which all plants remained in the

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Marissa Moses and Pathmanathan Umaharan

system (Imagestore 7500; UVP). The presence or absence of the reproducible RAPD markers generated for each accession was given a score of 1 or 0, respectively. Data analysis. A non-metric multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot using Dice’s similarity index

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Kanin J. Routson, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Steven E. Smith, Gary Paul Nabhan and Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria

Saga. Overloaded gels were diluted 1:10 with additional loading buffer and rerun. Genetic data analysis. Allele frequencies, observed heterozygosity (Ho) and expected heterozygosity (He), allelic richness, and Wright’s F-statistics were calculated in

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Rob Kuper

( Herzog and Kropscott, 2004 ) in the same order; the data analysis excluded these responses. Each of the eight instruments randomly presented the middle 48 photographs to groups of participants in a different order; data analysis included responses for

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Matthew Chappell, Carol Robacker and Tracie M. Jenkins

quantity of columns available in Excel 2003. Therefore, GS-Calc version 7.1 (JPS Development, Palmer Lake, CO) was used to combine data sets from the three primer pairs into a single data set that was manipulated as needed for individual data analysis

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Matthew H. Kramer, Ellen T. Paparozzi and Walter W. Stroup

addressing the primary objectives of the research. When adequate information is provided, it allows for an informed peer review and for readers, in principle, to reproduce the study, including the data analysis . Second, authors must provide sufficient

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Erin Schroll, John G. Lambrinos and David Sandrock

were collected from each test bed. Weeds were dried at 41 °C until a constant weight was achieved (≈2 d), and total weed dry biomass of each roof was estimated. Data analysis: plant performance during establishment period. Treating test beds as the

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Yuee Tian, Zhiping Che, Di Sun, Yuanyuan Yang, Xiaomin Lin, Shengming Liu, Xiaoyu Liu and Jie Gao

, 5) ( Table 2 ). Table 2. Standard for in vitro resistance identification of tree peonies to gray mold pathogen B. cinerea . Data analysis. Microsoft Excel (Redmond, WA) was used to work out the averages and sd of disease scores and to prepare the