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Wenjing Guan, Xin Zhao, Donald W. Dickson, Maria L. Mendes and Judy Thies

soil of grafted and non-grafted honeydew melon ‘Honey Yellow’ and galia melon ‘Arava’ in the organic field study (2012). Preplant RKN density can have an important impact on plant growth and yield ( Barker and Olthof, 1976 ). Crop rotation is commonly

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Sharon J.B. Knewtson, M.B. Kirkham, Rhonda R. Janke, Leigh W. Murray and Edward E. Carey

Raton, FL Janzen, H.H. Campbell, C.A. Brandt, S.A. Lafond, G.P. Townley-Smith, L. 1992 Light-fraction organic matter in soils from long-term crop rotations Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 56 1799 1806 Knewtson, S.J.B. Carey, E.E. Kirkham, M.B. 2010a Management

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Christian A. Wyenandt, Wesley L. Kline, Daniel L. Ward and Nancy L. Brill

United States ( Babadoost and Zitter, 2009 ; Barksdale et al., 1984 ; Hausbeck and Lamour, 2004 ). On many vegetable farms in southern New Jersey, P. capsici has become established in fields because of poor crop rotations. The overuse of the Fungicide

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Renee Conneway, Sven Verlinden, Andrew K. Koeser, Michael Evans, Rebecca Schnelle, Victoria Anderson and J. Ryan Stewart

nitrogen levels associated with these controlled environments hasten organic matter degradation as well as plant development. As such, even the comparatively short crop rotations common in greenhouse operations may be too long with respect to container

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David H Suchoff, Frank J. Louws and Christopher C. Gunter

and Louws, 2002 ; Enfinger et al., 1979 ; Shiomi et al., 1999 ). Because R. solanacearum has a wide host range of both agronomic crops and common weed species, an effective crop rotation scheme is difficult ( Hayward, 1991 ). Breeding for new

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M. Lenny Wells

. Edenhofer, S. Boller, T. Wiemken, A. Niggli, U. 2000 Arbuscular mycorrhizae in a long term field trial comparing low input and high input farming systems in a crop rotation Biol. Fertil. Soils 31 150 156 Marx, D.H. Bryan, W.C. 1969 Scleroderma bovista, an

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Theodore McAvoy, Joshua H. Freeman, Steven L. Rideout, Stephen M. Olson and Mathews L. Paret

Sequeira, 1983 ; Hayward, 1991 ). Although most soilborne pathogens have been traditionally managed with soil fumigants, this strategy has been minimally effective against bacterial wilt ( Chellemi et al., 1994 ; Enfinger et al., 1979 ). Crop rotation as

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Darby S. Kellum, Manoj K. Shukla, John Mexal and Sanjit Deb

crop rotation effects on nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cropping systems J. Environ. Qual. 37 1337 1344 Halvorson, A.D. Del Grosso, S.J. Stewart, C.E. 2016 Manure and inorganic nitrogen affect trace gas emissions under semi-arid irrigated corn J

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Lina M. Rodríguez-Salamanca and Mary K. Hausbeck

. In conclusion, the combination of host resistance, effective fungicide sprays, and cultural practices (pathogen-free seed, crop rotation, weed control, plant spacing, and timed and limited irrigation) is key for the management of onion leaf and neck

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Kyle E. Bair, Joan R. Davenport and Robert G. Stevens

Seattle, WA 18–19 June 1991 Am. Soc. Enol. and Vitic Davis, CA Mueller, T. Thorup-Kristensen, K. 2001 N-fixation of selected green manure plants in an organic crop rotation Biol. Agr. Hort. 18 345 363