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Shanshan Cao, Stephen Stringer, Gunawati Gunawan, Cecilia McGregor and Patrick J. Conner

)], black walnut [ Juglans nigra ( Dangl et al., 2005 )], olive [ Olea europaea ( Cipriani et al., 2002 ; Trujillo et al., 2014 )], poplar [ Populus sp. ( Fossati et al., 2005 )], and vegetatively propagated turf bermudagrass [ Cynodon sp. ( Wang et al

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Shengrui Yao

all seedlings with fruit the size of small olives [ Olea europaea ( Lyrene and Crocker, 1994 )]. The superior, large-fruited jujube cultivars were imported into the United States by U.S. Department of Agriculture agricultural explorer Frank N. Meyer

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Madhulika Sagaram, Leonardo Lombardini and L.J. Grauke

walnut ( Juglans regia L.; (250–450 stomata/mm 2 ) ( Bongi and Paris, 2006 ), but greater than those reported for other temperate climate trees, such as olive ( Olea europaea L.; 270–350 stomata/mm 2 ) and stone pine ( Pinus pinea L.; 280–345 stomata

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Derek W. Barchenger, Danise L. Coon and Paul W. Bosland

( Hayashi et al., 2001 ). In addition, ethephon has long been reported as a flower- and fruit-thinning agent on fruit crops such as citrus ( Citrus sp.) and apple ( Malus × domestica ) ( Davis et al., 2004 ). In olive ( Olea europaea ), ethephon treatments

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Álvaro Fernández-Cuesta, Ossama Kodad, Rafel Socias i Company and Leonardo Velasco

up to 36% of the sterol fraction have also been reported in olive ( Olea europaea L.) oil ( Boskou, 2011 ). Whereas most phytosterols have no antioxidant effect, those containing an ethylidene group in the side chain such as Δ 5 -avenasterol or Δ 7

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Zhaohui Li, Yan Ma, Wanyuan Yin, Dekui Zang and Xianfeng Guo

, S.N. Roussos, P.A. 2012 The role of endogenous carbohydrates and seasonal variation in rooting ability of cuttings of an easy and a hard to root olive cultivars ( Olea europaea L.) Scientia Hort. 143 9 28 Ding, T. Huang, C.L. 2012 Research on the

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Mohammad Sadat-Hosseini, Kourosh Vahdati and Charles A. Leslie

nobile Lindl., an endangered medicinal orchid, based on randomly amplified polymorphic DNA Plant Syst. Evol. 301 201 210 Bradaï, F. Pliego-Alfaro, F. Sánchez-Romero, C. 2016 Somaclonal variation in olive ( Olea europaea L.) plants regenerated via

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Marie-José Côté and Lisa Leduc

. Similar studies of cultivar differentiation were done on gooseberry ( Ribes grossularia subgenus Grossularia ) ( Lanham and Brennan, 1999 ) and olive ( Olea europaea L.) ( Montemurro et al., 2005 ) in which AFLP was compared with other techniques such

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Ali Akbar Ghasemi Soloklui, Ahmad Ershadi and Esmaeil Fallahi

Fiorino, P. Mancuso, S. 2000 Differential thermal analysis, supercooling and cell viability in organs of Olea europaea at subzero temperatures Adv. Hort. Sci. 14 23 27 Guy, C.L. 1990 Cold-acclimation and freezing stress: Tolerance role of protein

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Russell Galanti, Alyssa Cho, Amjad Ahmad and Javier Mollinedo

values in olive [ Olea europaea ( Benitez et al., 2002 )] and peach [ Prunus persica ( Sotomayor et al., 2014 )]. The lower Fe concentration could have caused a reduction in chlorophyll content or activity and reduce the “greenness” of the plant that