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Asadolah Aslani Aslamarz, Kourosh Vahdati, Majid Rahemi and Darab Hassani

requirement is an aspect necessary to ensure that the plants are adapted to the appropriate area. Dormancy and freezing tolerance are the main mechanisms developed against very cold conditions, although they could be independent ( Irving and Lamphear, 1967

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David A. Francko, Kenneth G. Wilson, Qingshun Q. Li and Maria A. Equiza

/freeze damage ( Equiza and Francko, 2010 ; Maxwell and Johnson, 2000 ; Percival and Henderson, 2003 ; Rizza et al., 2001 ). Freezing tolerance/chlorophyll fluorescence assays in sweet orange leaves were evaluated using a pulse-modulated fluorometer (OS5-FL

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June Liu, Zhimin Yang, Weiling Li, Jingjin Yu and Bingru Huang

improved freezing tolerance. Few studies have examined stress-induced somaclonal variations ( Kendall et al., 1990 ), and no previous research has dealt with selection of cold-tolerant turfgrass germplasm by using in vitro cold selection. In this study

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Danqing Li, Jiao Zhang, Jiaping Zhang, Kang Li and Yiping Xia

Freezing tolerance and seasonal color of experimental zoysiagrasses Crop Sci. 51 2858 2863 Patrignani, A. Ochsner, T.E. 2015 Canopeo: A powerful new tool for measuring fractional green canopy cover Agron. J. 107 2312 2320 Patton, A.J. Hardebeck, G

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Robert C. Ebel, Monte Nesbitt, William A. Dozier Jr. and Fenny Dane

, W.B. 1998 Freezing tolerance and growth characteristics of USDA intergeneric citrus hybrids US 119 and Selection 17-11 HortScience 33 744 748 Williams, P.F. 1911 The satsuma orange The Alabama Agricultural

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Timothy K. Broschat

island date palms J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 122 884 890 Broschat, T.K. 2010 Palm nutrition and fertilization HortTechnology 19 690 694 Cook, T.W. Duff, D.T. 1976 Effects of K fertilization on freezing tolerance and carbohydrate content of Festuca

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Yu Cui, Jinsheng Wang, Xingchun Wang and Yiwei Jiang

loci mapping of key agronomic traits and disease resistance ( Brazauskas et al., 2013 ; Navakode et al., 2009 ), and association mapping of drought, salt and freezing tolerance as well as spring regrowth ( Aleliūnas et al., 2015 ; Tang et al., 2013

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Weijie Jiang, Jie Bai, Xueyong Yang, Hongjun Yu and Yanpeng Liu

Soil 39 205 207 Cuevas, J.C. Lo'pez-Cobollo, R. Alca'zar, R. Zarza, X. Koncz, C. Altabella, T. Salinas, J. Tiburcio, A.F. Ferrando, A. 2008 Putrescine is involved in Arabidopsis freezing tolerance and cold acclimation by regulating abscisic acid

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Julián Miralles-Crespo, Juan Antonio Martínez-López, José Antonio Franco-Leemhuis and Sebastián Bañón-Arias

.C. Fraser, G.A. 2001 Measurement of the salinity and freezing tolerance of crataegus genotypes using chlorophyll fluorescence J. Arboric. 27 233 245 Percival, G.C. Fraser, G.A. Oxenham, G. 2003 Foliar salt tolerance of Acer genotypes using chlorophyll

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Sharon Inch, Ed Stover, Randall Driggers and Richard F. Lee

activators in two Citrus species ( Poncirus and Citrus ) with contrasting levels of freezing tolerance Physiol. Plant. 129 529 541 Cooper, W.C. Taylor, S. Maxwell, N. 1955 Preliminary studies on cold hardiness in citrus as related to cambial activity and