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Jeffrey C. Stark, Joseph J. Pavek and Ian R. McCann

Abbreviations: DSI, drought susceptibility index; ET, evapotranspiration; AT, canopy - air temperature; VPD, vapor pressure deficit. 1 Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences. 2 Research Geneticist, U.S. Dept. of

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Richard C. Beeson

conservation when rain occurs, because rainfall can account for part or all of a plant's daily evapotranspiration. Rainfall is more effective in penetrating plant canopies than overhead sprinkler irrigation ( Beeson and Yeager, 2003 ), being nearly 100

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R.B. Hutmacher, J.J. Steiner, J.E. Ayars, A.B. Mantel and S.S. Vail

Abbreviations: ET c , crop evapotranspiration; DOY, day of year; K c , crop coefficient; LWP, leaf water potential; RWC, leaf relative water content; VPD, air vapor pressure deficit. 1 Plant Physiologist. 2 Agronomist. 3 Agricultural Engineer. 4

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J.J. Steiner, R.B. Hutmacher, A.B. Mantel, J.E. Ayars and S.S. Vail

Abbreviations: ACLW, accumulated change in total leaf weight; AUM, average umbel maturity; DOY, day of year; ET c , crop evapotranspiration; PLS, pure live seed. 1 Research Agronomist. 2 Plant Physiologist. 3 Visiting Soil Scientist. 4 Agricultural

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Hongyan Sun, Kelly Kopp and Roger Kjelgren

gauge (Campbell Scientific) was installed next to plots to collect precipitation data and the ET o data set was obtained from the UBC weather station. Data analysis Evapotranspiration calculation with water balance equation. Although it was not possible

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Mike Caron and Roger Kjelgren

–2010) daily probability of precipitation and 30-year average daily reference evapotranspiration using the Hargreaves max/min temperature equation ( Hargreaves and Allen, 2003 ). We measured weather during the study period (1996–97) with an automated weather

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Tijana Blanusa, Eleni Vysini and Ross W.F. Cameron

under the “100% ETp” (potential evapotranspiration) regime (i.e., replacing all the water lost by evapotranspiration in the previous 24 h) or under “25% ETp.” There were seven and eight replicates of each planting combination in Expts. 1 and 2

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Rhuanito S. Ferrarezi, Alan L. Wright, Brian J. Boman, Arnold W. Schumann, Fred G. Gmitter and Jude W. Grosser

reference evapotranspiration [ET o (B)] inside screen houses and open-air plots. The purpose of screen houses was the exclusion of asian citrus psyllid. Measurements were recorded from 22 Feb. to 31 July 2014 every 30 min and summed for each day, but only

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Kelly T. Morgan, Lincoln Zotarelli and Michael D. Dukes

field capacity (FC, normally ≈10 kPa of soil water tension). Removal of soil water below field capacity is primarily by plant uptake (transpiration) or surface evaporation commonly referred to as evapotranspiration (ET). The lower limit of soil water

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John E. Erickson and Kevin E. Kenworthy

every 15 s and stored as 15-min averages to a data logger throughout each experiment. Evapotranspiration was measured using the water balance method by weighing the pots at ≈0700 hr each morning and 2100 hr each evening. Data on water use were not