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Camilo Escalante-Magaña, Luis F. Aguilar-Caamal, Ileana Echevarría-Machado, Fátima Medina-Lara, Lucila Sánchez Cach and Manuel Martínez-Estévez

drought tolerance in Chinese winter bread wheat revealed by analysis of the membership function value of drought tolerance (MFVD) Field Crops Res. 137 195 201 Chowdhury, J.A. Karim, M.A. Khaliq, Q.A. Ahmed, A.U. 2017 Effect of drought stress on bio

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Jianming Sun, Yiming Liu, Xianglin Li and Bingru Huang

understood. Protein metabolism plays essential roles in regulating plant tolerance to various stresses, including drought stress. Effects of drought stress on proteins involve complicated processes, including acceleration of the denaturation, proteolysis, and

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Stephen E. McCann and Bingru Huang

. Decline in turf quality caused by drought stress is a major concern in turfgrass culture. Therefore, developing management practices for improving drought resistance of turfgrasses has become imperative in arid and semiarid regions, especially during

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Jingjin Yu, Mengxian Liu, Zhimin Yang and Bingru Huang

Drought stress is one of the most important abiotic stresses limiting plant growth in many arid areas. Drought tolerance and recuperative ability differ inter- and intraspecifically for turfgrass species ( Carrow, 1996 ; Du et al., 2008

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Nanqing Liu, Shaoyan Lin and Bingru Huang

for plants to survive drought stress is OA through accumulating solutes that allow plants to maintain leaf cellular hydration and sustain metabolic activities during drought stress, and OA level is positively correlated to whole-plant drought tolerance

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Patrick Burgess and Bingru Huang

Drought stress due to the lack of rainfall and declining availability of fresh water for irrigation is a primary factor limiting growth and productivity of many plant species. Within the context of global climate change, precipitation amounts and

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Yu Cui, Jinsheng Wang, Xingchun Wang and Yiwei Jiang

Water deficit has become more of a problem for production of turf and forage grasses due to regional and localized drought and increasing demands for fresh water uses in other areas. The frequency and intensity of drought stress may also increase as

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Sarah E. Cathey, Jason K. Kruse, Thomas R. Sinclair and Michael D. Dukes

Demand for water used to irrigate landscapes is continuously increasing, which indicates a need for water conservation strategies. Understanding the physiological limits to maintaining turf quality under severe drought stress and subsequent recovery

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Cong Li, Lie-Bao Han and Xunzhong Zhang

; Jiang et al., 2009 ; Wang et al., 2010 ). Overexpression of ERF genes has been found to confer drought tolerance in tobacco plants ( Trujillo et al., 2008 ). Plants possess various mechanisms to cope with drought stress. Plants undergo osmotic

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Songul Severmutlu, Nedim Mutlu, Ercan Gurbuz, Osman Gulsen, Murat Hocagil, Osman Karaguzel, Tiffany Heng-Moss, Robert C. Shearman and Rock E. Gaussoin

( Fry and Huang, 2004 ). Leaf firing provides a good assessment of overall turfgrass drought resistance under field conditions when the drought stress treatment begins with the soil at field capacity throughout the root zone ( Beard and Sifers, 1997