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Jeffrey P. Mitchell, Anil Shrestha, Karen Klonsky, Tom A. Turini and Kurt J. Hembree

) ( Arroues, 2006 ). The studies were part of a 4-year vegetable crop rotation [tomato (2010)–onion (2010–11)–broccoli ( Brassica oleracea var. italica) (2011)–tomato (2012)–onion (2013)–broccoli (2014)]. The experimental design was a randomized complete

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Feng Gao, Arvind H. Hirani, Jun Liu, Zheng Liu, Guohua Fu, Chunren Wu, Peter B.E. McVetty and Genyi Li

reported in Russia in 1878 ( Karling, 1968 ). In Asia, this disease was first reported in the 1890s in Japan ( Ikegami et al., 1981 ). The pathogen can survive as resting spores for long periods of time in the soil, making it difficult to control by crop

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Patrick D. O'Boyle, James D. Kelly and William W. Kirk

disease-free seed, bactericide treatment, crop rotation, and deep-plowing, have reduced CBB epidemics, these control measures are generally inadequate ( Anderson et al., 1970 ; Zaumeyer and Thomas, 1957 ). Development of resistant cultivars is needed to

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Beiquan Mou, Steven J. Klosterman, Amy Anchieta, Elisabeth Wood and Krishna V. Subbarao

for lettuce ( Atallah et al., 2011 ). Crop rotation has limited practicality in the control of the disease, since most of the potential alternate crops are also susceptible to verticillium wilt. The most economical means of verticillium wilt management

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Gabriele Gusmini, Luis A. Rivera-Burgos and Todd C. Wehner

,5-dichlorophenyl) carbamate J. Pestic. Sci. 9 489 495 Keinath, A.P. 1995 Fungicide timing for optimum management of gummy stem blight epidemics on watermelon Plant Dis. 79 354 358 Keinath, A.P. 1996 Soil amendment with cabbage residue and crop rotation to reduce

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Judy A. Thies, Jennifer J. Ariss, Richard L. Hassell, Sharon Buckner and Amnon Levi

crop rotations, curtailed the buildup of soilborne disease pathogens in watermelon production fields in the United States in past decades. However, availability of agricultural land is becoming more limited in the United States and methyl bromide for

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Charles E. Barrett, Xin Zhao and Alan W. Hodges

levels for subsequent crops and provide a nonhost root system in a crop rotation. Grafting may also reduce the need for expensive fumigants in conventional farming systems thereby reducing input costs. Although this study focused on the use of grafting to

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Alba A. Clivati McIntyre, David M. Francis, Timothy K. Hartz and Christopher Gunter

disorders had also been linked to high temperature of the pericarp of the fruit and high relative environmental humidity ( Picha, 1987 ). Nutritional status of soil is influenced by management history, including crop rotation, tillage systems, and

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W. Patrick Wechter, Mark W. Farnham, J. Powell Smith and Anthony P. Keinath

-spot control measures, while Johnston (2000) gives only crop rotation away from Brassica spp. as a control measure for unspecified leaf spot. Bacterial leaf spot, peppery leaf spot, or pepper spot, incited by Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola ( Psm

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Sharon J.B. Knewtson, Rhonda Janke, M.B. Kirkham, Kimberly A. Williams and Edward E. Carey

. 1992 Light-fraction organic matter in soils from long-term crop rotations Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 56 1799 1806 Jett, L.W. 2004 Production of tomatoes within a high tunnel Small Farm Today 21 36 40