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Andrew P. Nyczepir, Janete A. Brito, Don W. Dickson and Thomas G. Beckman

methyl bromide use and alternatives in the European Community 28 32 Batchelor T.A. Bolivar J.M. Proc. Intl. Conf. Alter. Methyl Bromide ‘The Remaining Challenges.’ European Commission Brussels, Belgium Brito

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Andrew P. Nyczepir, Alexis K. Nagel and Guido Schnabel

.A. 2002 International and European community controls on methyl bromide & the status of methyl bromide use and alternatives in the European Community 28 32 Batchelor T.A. Bolivar J.M. Proc. Intl. Conf. Alter. Methyl Bromide “The

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Wenjing Guan, Xin Zhao, Donald W. Dickson, Maria L. Mendes and Judy Thies

. incognita and M. javanica Nematropica 31 271 280 Duniway, J.W. 2002 Status of chemical alternatives to methyl bromide for pre-plant fumigation of soil Phytopathology 92 1337 1343 Faske, T.R. 2013 Penetration, post-penetration development, and reproduction

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Inga A. Zasada, Thomas W. Walters and John N. Pinkerton

chemistry of furfural within the soil and agricultural environment Proc. Annu. Intl. Res. Conf. Methyl Bromide Alternative Emissions Reduction 27.1 Crop Data Management Systems, Inc 2009 Labels/MSDS 19 Apr. 2010 < http

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Qingren Wang, Waldemar Klassen, Edward A. Evans, Yungcong Li and Merlyn Codallo

, including the application of compost as an organic mulch with and without plastic mulch, soil fumigation with methyl bromide-chloropicrin, and use of herbicides, to study the following effects: 1) yield and quality responses of bell peppers; 2) the impact on

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Cody L. Smith, Joshua H. Freeman, Nancy Kokalis-Burelle and William P. Wechter

Though little published data have been collected, it is commonly accepted that damage caused by soil-borne pathogens, such as FON and plant parasitic nematodes ( Meloidogyne spp.), has increased since the phase-out of methyl bromide. The ban on

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Jonathan Tong, Cyril Rakovski and Anuradha Prakash

rachis browning of ‘Redglobe’ table grapes Postharvest Biol. Technol. 26 181 189 Drake, S.R. Neven, L.G. 1998 Irradiation as an alternative to methyl bromide for quarantine treatment of stone fruits J. Food Qual. 21 6 529 538 Galecki, A. Burzykowski, T

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Ryan S. Donahoo, William W. Turechek, Judy A. Thies and Chandrasekar S. Kousik

generally more common on melons ( Ando et al., 2009 ; Gevens et al., 2008 ; McGrath, 1996 ; Thompkins and Tucker, 1937 ). Managing P. capsici has become more difficult since the loss of the soil fumigant methyl bromide. It was expected that with the

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Christopher A. Proctor and Zachary J. Reicher

. 19 724 730 Ohr, H.D. Sims, J.J. Grech, N.M. Becker, J.O. McGiffen, M.E. Jr 1996 Methyl iodide, an ozone-safe alternative to methyl bromide as a soil fumigant Plant Dis. 80 731 735 Pannacci, E. Covarelli, G. 2009 Efficacy of mesotrione used at reduced

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Clinton J. Hunnicutt, Andrew W. MacRae and Vance M. Whitaker

reportedly less than 6% and confined to higher clopyralid rates ( McMurry et al., 1996 ). As strawberry producers transition from methyl bromide to alternative fumigants, the need for alternative weed management products and practices will become important to