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Leigh Anne Starling, Tina Marie Waliczek, Rebecca Haller, Beverly J. Brown, René Malone and Stephen Mitrione

interventions, motivational strategies” and “principles of group facilitation, motivation, and leadership” had mean scores of 4.34 and 4.40, respectively ( Table 1 ), which are similar to the high rankings for “motivation management” and “communication” in the

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Roland Ebel and Clinton C. Shock

Appropriate level of assertiveness Willingness to accept small incremental changes. Character traits: Credibility Dedication and diligence Leadership Curiosity and innovativeness Willingness to travel Autonomy and flexibility Openness, patience, and lack of

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Michael A. Arnold

mitigate the impacts of climate change on food, feed, fiber, and fuel systems in the United States,” 3) “support energy security and the development of the bioeconomy from renewable natural resources in the United States,” 4) “play a leadership role to

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Hye-Ji Kim

components: strong support of government, especially funding for research and development in plant breeding, production, product development and marketing, multiple institutional involvement; dedicated leadership; and coordinated efforts from economic sectors

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Julie Guckenberger Price, Stephen A. Watts, Amy N. Wright, Robert W. Peters and Jason T. Kirby

mat (Mel-Drain rolled matrix system 5035-B; W.R. Meadows, Hampshire, IL), and 4 inches of green roof substrate [80% recycled Stalite Permatill® fines and 20% composted worm castings: Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design Extensive Mix; ITSaul

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Mary Hockenberry Meyer, Stan Hokanson, Susan Galatowitsch and James Luby

-adapted” for restoration leadership: they focus on difficult-to-cultivate species, have the freedom to focus on applied science, have a well-established public interface, and can provide on-site opportunities to test and demonstrate restorations ( Hopper et al

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Svoboda V. Pennisi and Marc W. van Iersel

Reduction of the “carbon footprint,” increase in the energy efficiency of a building, and other environmentally friendly initiatives have gained considerable public and industry recognition through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

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Mark L. Gleason, Amy Wang Wong, Donald R. Lewis, Luis Felipe Arauz Cavallini, Barbara C. Clawson, Kevin R. Duerfeldt, Hayley M. Nelson and Gail R. Nonnecke

potential interest in graduate study abroad, to set up meetings during the visit to Iowa. The first ISU group visited Costa Rica in Mar. 1999, followed by the first UCR trip to Iowa in July 2000. The Intercambio has persisted annually through leadership

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Yaser Hassan Dewir, Abdulhakim A. Aldubai, Rashid Sultan Al-Obeed, Salah El-Hendawy, Mayada Kadri Seliem and Khadija Rabeh Al-Harbi

. Final report. Conservation Leadership Programme, Egypt. 18 Sept. 2018. < > Gonzalez-Arnao, M.T. Lazaro-Vallejo, C.E. Engelmann, F. Gamez-Pastrana, R

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Elizabeth A. Gall, B. Rosie Lerner and Kathryn S. Orvis

, people, and communities for 25 years HortTechnology 7 345 347 Chalker-Scott, L. Collman, S.J. 2006 Washington State’s Master Gardener Program: 30 years of leadership in university-sponsored, volunteer-coordinated, sustainable community horticulture J