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James F. Hancock, Chad E. Finn, James J. Luby, Adam Dale, Pete W. Callow and Sedat Serçe

Characteristics of soluble sugar accumulation in commercially grown Fragaria chiloensis HortScience 40 1647 1648 Pinkerton, J. Finn, C.E. 2005 Responses of strawberry species and cultivars to the root- lesion and northern

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole and Frank A. Blazich

not influenced by harvest time or storage. Photosynthesis replenishes sugars metabolized or mobilized during the dark period. In the present study, a diurnal pattern of sugar accumulation was observed with greater amounts of sugars (particularly

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Rafael Urrea-López, Rocío I. Díaz de la Garza and Juan I. Valiente-Banuet

sink strength. During maturation, subsequent starch hydrolysis could increase soluble sugar levels ( Petreikov et al., 2009 ). In the ‘Momotaro Fight’ tomato cultivar, increased sugar accumulation from NaCl treatment (5 dS·m −1 ) was sufficient to be

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Patsy E. Wilson, Douglas D. Archbold, Joseph G. Masabni and S. Kaan Kurtural

pH and potassium in must and wine ( Smart, 1985 ; Smart and Robinson, 1991 ). Canopy shading also leads to lower sugar accumulation and uneven ripening in clusters. Although canopy architecture was affected by pruning formula as described previously

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Yong Yang, Xueyong Liu, Yuanli Jiang, Zuoxiang Xiang, Qingguo Xu, Na Zhao and Bichao Shu

-biochemical reactions in tall fescue, and are crucial for adaptive responses and regulative mechanisms of tall fescue under high salinity in deep soil. A strong correlation between soluble sugars accumulation and osmotic stress tolerance had been discovered in

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Ruining Li, Wenwen Huang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xiaoying Liu and Zhigang Xu

during dark respiration, which therefore, leads to increased protein synthesis. Lin et al. (2013) reported that W added to the combined spectra of red and blue promoted soluble sugar accumulation in lettuce. Ma et al. (2015) reported that green LED

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Juan Carlos Melgar, Jill M. Dunlop, L. Gene Albrigo and James P. Syvertsen

: The ‘forzatura’ technique in the Sicilian citrus industry Acta Hort. 171 391 397 Barry, G.H. Castle, W.S. Davies, F.S. 2004 Rootstocks and plant water relations affect sugar accumulation of ‘Valencia

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Şemsettin Kulaç, Pascal Nzokou, Deniz Guney, Bert Michael Cregg and Ibrahim Turna

application under water deficits C. R. Biol. 331 844 852 Kameli, A. Losel, D.M. 1996 Growth and sugar accumulation in durum wheat plants under water stress New Phytol. 132 57 62 Lansac, A.R. Zaballos, J.P. Martin, A. 1994 Seasonal water potential changes and

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Fan-Hsuan Yang, Lisa W. DeVetter, Bernadine C. Strik and David R. Bryla

. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. 2 Oct. 2017. < > Rebucci, B. Poni, S. Intrieri, C. Magnanini, E. Lakso, A.N. 1997 Effects of manipulated grape berry transpiration on post-veraison sugar accumulation

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Shinsuke Agehara

and sugar accumulation compared with those from untreated plants (data not shown). The absence of inhibition in fruit ripening is probably because plants were treated with 1-MCP only once at the young seedling stage. Plants treated with 1-MCP often