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John C. Beaulieu and Jeanne M. Lea

of fresh-cut cantaloupes Postharvest Biol. Technol. 19 61 72 McCollum, T.G. Huber, D.J. Cantliffe, D.J. 1988 Soluble sugar accumulation and activity of related enzymes during muskmelon fruit development

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole and Frank A. Blazich

not influenced by harvest time or storage. Photosynthesis replenishes sugars metabolized or mobilized during the dark period. In the present study, a diurnal pattern of sugar accumulation was observed with greater amounts of sugars (particularly

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Patsy E. Wilson, Douglas D. Archbold, Joseph G. Masabni and S. Kaan Kurtural

pH and potassium in must and wine ( Smart, 1985 ; Smart and Robinson, 1991 ). Canopy shading also leads to lower sugar accumulation and uneven ripening in clusters. Although canopy architecture was affected by pruning formula as described previously

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Ruining Li, Wenwen Huang, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xiaoying Liu and Zhigang Xu

during dark respiration, which therefore, leads to increased protein synthesis. Lin et al. (2013) reported that W added to the combined spectra of red and blue promoted soluble sugar accumulation in lettuce. Ma et al. (2015) reported that green LED

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Şemsettin Kulaç, Pascal Nzokou, Deniz Guney, Bert Michael Cregg and Ibrahim Turna

application under water deficits C. R. Biol. 331 844 852 Kameli, A. Losel, D.M. 1996 Growth and sugar accumulation in durum wheat plants under water stress New Phytol. 132 57 62 Lansac, A.R. Zaballos, J.P. Martin, A. 1994 Seasonal water potential changes and

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Carolina Contreras, Mauricio González-Agüero and Bruno G. Defilippi

, corresponding to morphological stage 8 according to the BBCH (Biologische Bundesanstalt, Bundessortenamt und CHemische Industrie) numerical scale ( Herraiz et al., 2015b ), at which point the maximum sugar accumulation is also reached ( Schaffer et al., 1989

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David R. Rudell, Sara Serra, Nathanael Sullivan, James P. Mattheis and Stefano Musacchi

, K. Shiratake, K. 2016 Quantitative proteomics based reconstruction and identification of metabolic pathways and membrane transport proteins related to sugar accumulation in developing fruits of pear ( Pyrus communis ) Plant Cell Physiol. 57 3 505 518

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D. Michael Glenn, Nicola Cooley, Rob Walker, Peter Clingeleffer and Krista Shellie

. Plant Physiol. 17 9 22 Cooley, N.M. Clingeleffer, P.R. Walker, R.R. 2004 The balance of berry sugar accumulation, colour and phenolic concentration under deficit irrigation strategies 94 96 Blair

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Moritz Knoche, Eckhard Grimm and Henrik Jürgen Schlegel

apple sink tissues: Implications for fruit sugar accumulation and watercore development J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 130 261 268 Grimm, E. Peschel, S. Becker, T. Knoche, M. 2012 Stress and strain in the sweet cherry fruit skin J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 137

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Isabelle Grechi, Nadine Hilgert, Michel Génard and Françoise Lescourret

fruit growth pattern on sugar accumulation in the fruit. The model accounted for this property. Because the model was driven by DW, the greater the growth, the more sugar that accumulated. In addition, because k decreased with time, the later the growth