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Charles Benbrook

>. Wang, S.Y. Zheng, W. Galletta, G.J. 2002 Cultural system affects fruit quality and antioxidant capacity in strawberries J. Agr. Food Chem. 50 6534 6542 White, P.J. Broadley, M.R. 2005 Historical variation in the mineral composition of edible

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Xing-Zheng Fu, Fei Xing, Li Cao, Chang-Pin Chun, Li-Li Ling, Cai-Lun Jiang and Liang-Zhi Peng

’ mandarin on Haplustert J. Plant Nutr. 32 1065 1081 Stevens, P.J.G. 1993 Organosilicone surfactants as adjuvants for agrochemicals Pestic. Sci. 38 103 122 Swietlik, D. Laduke, J.V. 1991 Productivity, growth, and leaf mineral composition of orange and

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Wan-Yi Yen, Yao-Chien Alex Chang and Yin-Tung Wang

Phalaenopsis J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 62 601 609 Lei, H.Y. 2007 Changes of mineral composition and fertilizer requirement of Phalaenopsis during reproductive stages Master's thesis, Natl. Taiwan Univ Taipei, Taiwan Neumann, G. Massonneau, A. Martinoia, E

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Paola Crinò, Chiara Lo Bianco, Youssef Rouphael, Giuseppe Colla, Francesco Saccardo and Antonino Paratore

grafted melons HortScience 37 1069 1073 Colla, G. Rouphael, Y. Cardarelli, M. Massa, D. Salerno, A. Rea, E. 2006 Yield, fruit quality and mineral composition of grafted melon plants

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Paul B. Francis and C. Robert Stark, Jr.

. Agius, I. Morisot, A. 1992 Daily variations of the mineral composition of xylemic exudates in tomato J. Plant Nutr. 15 85 98 He, Z. Honeycutt, C.W. Tazisong, I.A. Senwo, Z.N. Zhang, D. 2009 Nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation in pasture soil from

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Hadi Susilo and Yao-Chien Alex Chang

337 353 Le Bot, J. Adamowicz, S. Robin, P. 1998 Modeling plant nutrition of horticultural crops: A review Sci. Hort. 74 47 82 Lei, H.Y. 2007 Changes of mineral composition and fertilizer requirement of Phalaenopsis during reproductive stages. MS

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Vlasta Cunja, Maja Mikulic-Petkovsek, Franci Stampar and Valentina Schmitzer

R. canina have been favored for their healing powers, but other indigenous rose species have not been used to the same extent. A number of studies have been published on the phenolic and mineral composition of rose hips in connection to their

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Alan R. Biggs and Gregory M. Peck

, B.J. 1971 The effect of frequent spraying with calcium nitrate solutions on the mineral composition and the occurrence of bitter pit of the apple Cox’s Orange Pippin J. HortScience 46 347 364

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Jinwook Lee, James P. Mattheis and David R. Rudell

the ‘Empire’ apple Postharvest Biol. Technol. 48 92 98 Harker, F.R. Redgwell, R.J. Hallett, I.C. 1997 Texture of fresh fruit Hort. Rev. 20 121 224 Johnson, D.S. 2000 Mineral composition, harvest maturity and storage quality of ‘Red Pippin’, ‘Gala’ and

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Samuel Salazar-García, Isidro J.L. González-Durán and Martha E. Ibarra-Estrada

Optimal leaf analysis norms for avocado (cv. Fuerte). Proc. Second World Avocado Congress, Orange, CA, 21–26 Apr. 1991. 1:289–299 Koo, R.C.J. Young, T.W. 1977 Effect of age position and fruiting status on mineral composition of Tonnage avocado leaves J