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Viviana P. Sosa-Flores, Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Donita L. Cartmill, Andrew D. Cartmill, Adalberto Benavides-Mendoza and Antonio Juárez-Maldonado

Effects of chemical and organic fertilizers on the growth, flower quality and nutrient uptake of Anthurium andreanum , cultivated for cut flower production Sci. Hort. 125 3 434 441 Conover, C.A. Henny, R.J. 1995 Lowering N and K rates improves anthurium

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Iftikhar Ahmad, Brian E. Whipker and John M. Dole

, or loss of flower quality of potted zinnia ( Chen et al., 1993 ; Kim et al., 1992 ; Pinto et al., 2005 ), marigold ( Chen et al., 1993 ), oleander ( Nerium oleander L.) ( Bañón et al., 2001 ; Singh et al., 2004 ), Curcuma alismatifolia Gagnep

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Willem J. Steyn, Samuel F. Ungerer and Karen I. Theron

in addition to its negative effect on flower induction, GA 3 also had a negative effect on flower quality. An increase in fruit numbers in young and mature ‘Triumph’ trees in response to fruit set treatments resulted in a reduction in average fruit

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Federica Larcher and Valentina Scariot

and substrate on growth, chlorophyll content, and flower quality of Camellia japonica . To better evaluate differences among cultivars, the increase in growth index of each cultivar during the experiment on the six tested growing media was analyzed

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Enoc Barrera-Aguilar, Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Ana M. Castillo-González, Andrew D. Cartmill, Donita L. Cartmill, Edilberto Avitia-García and Luis Ibarra-Jímenez

selected; optimum K int ranged from 303 to 384 mmol·kg −1 for vegetative plant parts, whereas optimum flower growth (diameter and DM) ranged from 427 to 504 mmol·kg −1 . Thus, higher K is required for maximum flower quality. Internal K at 504 mmol·kg −1

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Nadia Jiménez-Peña, Luis A. Valdez-Aguilar, Ana M. Castillo-González, María T. Colinas-León, Andrew D. Cartmill and Donita L. Cartmill

México as well as in the United States ( Wang and Konow, 2002 ). However, when bark is mixed with other substrate components of higher water-holding capacity, for example peat and vermiculite, better growth and flower quality are attained ( Wang, 1998

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Yun-wen Wang, Bruce L. Dunn and Daryl B. Arnall

application range of 46.4 to 139.2 mg·L −1 N with UAN in our study. However, the upper and lower limits were established by analyzing the growth of plants over time using plant height, diameter, dry weight, and growth index (GI); flower quality traits were

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Alberto Sánchez-Estrada and Julián Cuevas

setting potential, were, on the contrary, higher in the multivarietal plot. Flowers were also significantly heavier in the multivarietal plot ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Flower quality and fertility in ‘Manzanillo’ olive trees of monovarietal and multivarietal

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Iftikhar Ahmad and John M. Dole

or aluminum sulfate on the water balance of cut ‘Sonia’ roses Zeitschrift fur Pflanzenphysiologie 101 95 105 Elhindi, K.M. 2012 Effects of postharvest pretreatments and preservative solutions on vase life longevity and flower quality of sweet pea

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Daniel Leskovar and Yahia A. Othman

. Literature Cited Al-Ajlouni, M. Ayad, J. Othman, Y. 2017 Increasing nutrient levels promote growth and flower quality in lilies grown under soilless culture Hort. Sci. (Prague) 44 213 219 Andrews, M. 1986 The partitioning of nitrate assimilation between root