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Hanna Y. Hanna

significant for early marketable yield, and pruning × year interaction was significant for cull yield ( Table 1 ). Further data analysis of interactions revealed that ‘Geronimo’ was the only cultivar that produced higher early marketable yield at four fruit

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Qamar Uz Zaman, Arnold Walter Schumann and David Charles Percival

-time slope data (1 m = 3.2808 ft, 1 m·s −1 = 2.2369 mph). Real-time performance tests and data analysis. The performance of the SMMS (software and hardware) was assessed by measuring the tilt angle (slope, in degrees) in a number of different wild blueberry

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Shao-chang Qin, Juan-ling Li, Abdul Kareem and Yong Wang

°C. The scan range was 35 to 800 m/z in a full scan acquisition mode. Data analysis. The mass spectrometry data obtained by GC-MS was matched and searched by computer and mass spectrometry library, and the significant mass spectrometry information was

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Aime J. Sommerfeld, Tina M. Waliczek and Jayne M. Zajicek

influence of gardening on life satisfaction and physical activity of older adults. Scoring and data analysis. The LSIA instrument for each respondent was scored using Excel™ (Version 12.0; Microsoft, Redmond, WA). Respondents received a score on the test

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Amy L. McFarland, Danielle E. Hammond, Jayne M. Zajicek and Tina M. Waliczek

positive response scored the higher points to allow for proper data analysis. Nonresponses to any question received no points for that question. The PAN scale had a possible range of 21 through 126 with a higher score indicating a more positive view toward

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Mahdieh Abkar, Mustafa Kamal, Suhardi Maulan, Manohar Mariapan and Seyed Rasoul Davoodi

295 306 Herzog, T.R. Maguire, C.P. Nebel, M.B. 2003 Assessing the restorative components of environments J. Environ. Psychol. 23 159 170 Ho, R. 2006 Handbook of univariate and multivariate data analysis and interpretation with SPSS Taylor & Francis New

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Tina P. Thomas, Madhurababu Kunta, John V. da Graça, Mamadou Sétamou, Mani Skaria and Apurba Bhattacharya

phenol solution at different concentrations. Data analysis. In the first experiment, all the Phytophthora sporangia present in leaves, bark, and roots were counted. In the subsequent experiments, all the plant parts with more than 100 sporangia

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Richard L. Bell

. Arcsin square root transformation, with Bartlett’s correction for 0 and 100%, was performed ( Steel and Torrie, 1960 ), but the transformation did not improve the inequality of variances, and therefore, the raw data analysis is presented. Similar results

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Amanda J. Hershberger, David A. Knauft and Carol D. Robacker

15 May 2007 (given a value of one for data analysis because it was the first week that any of the plants flowered) and ending 8 Nov. 2007 (given a value of 26 because it was 26 weeks after any of the plants began flowering), the date of the first

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Dario J. Chavez and José X. Chaparro

. kinokuni , and a population of 91 F 1 hybrids to map the genomic region associated with the seedless trait of interest ( Fig. 2C ). Data analysis. The chi-square “goodness-of-fit” test was used to test fit of the expected 1:1 Mendelian segregation ratios