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Bruce W. Wood, Leonardo Lombardini and Richard J. Heerema

useful as a horticultural tool for managing crop-load or fruit ripening in certain walnut ( Juglans regia L. cv. Serr) ( Anderson et al., 2006 ; Beede and Polito, 2003 ; Buchner et al., 2006 ) and tree-fruit cultivars ( Belding and Lokaj, 2002

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Neil S. Mattson and Marc W. van Iersel

address the source of nutrients for uptake and the dynamics of nutrient allocation and remobilization. Deng et al. (1989) supplied 15 N-depleted ammonium sulfate to walnut ( Juglans regia ) trees during the prior year or the current year to determine

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Smiljana Goreta, Daniel I. Leskovar and John L. Jifon

., 2004 ; Russo and Díaz-Pérez, 2005 ). Regardless of the limitation of A CO2, enhanced vegetative growth of pepper, walnut ( Juglans regia L.), and tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) were reported as well ( Irmak et al., 1999 ; Nitzsche et al

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David M. Glenn

illinoinensis ) ( Lombardini et al., 2005 ), pepper ( Capsicum spp.) ( Russo and Díaz-Pérez, 2005 ), walnut ( Juglans regia ), and almond ( Prunus dulcis ) ( Rosati et al., 2006 ), whereas others report significantly reduced A with PFs at the leaf level ( Le

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Jiaqi Hu, Hye-Ji Kim, Houbin Chen and Biyan Zhou

_015890560.1); Jatropha curcas : JcSVP (XP_012081656.1); Vitis vinifera : VvSVP (XP_019073897.1); Malus domestica : MdJ -like (AOA32867.1); Dimocarpus longan : DlSVP1 (AIY25020.1), DlSVP2 (AIY25021.1); Juglans regia : JrJ isoform X2 (XP

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Bernadine C. Strik, Gil Buller and Julie M. Tarara

shelters” in forestry) have been used successfully to improve the establishment of grape ( Vitis sp.), walnut ( Juglans regia L.), olive ( Olea europaea L.), and landscape or forest trees ( Burger et al., 1996 ; Famiani et al., 2007 ; Hall and Mahaffee

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Dafna Langgut

at Dura-Europos: The synagogue. Yale Univ., New Haven, p. 56–62 Langgut, D. 2015 Prestigious fruit trees in ancient Israel: First palynological evidence for growing Juglans regia and Citrus medica Isr. J. Plant Sci. 62 98 110 Langgut, D. Gadot, Y

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Tripti Vashisth, Mercy A. Olmstead, James Olmstead and Thomas A. Colquhoun

Phenolic acids, syringaldehyde, and juglone in fruits of different cultivars of Juglans regia L J. Agr. Food Chem. 53 6390 6396 Cordts, J.M. Scorza, R. Bell, R. 1987 Effects of carbohydrates and nitrogen on the development of anthocyanins of a red leaf

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Lailiang Cheng and Richard Raba

., 1991 , 1992 )], almond [ Prunus amygdalus Batsch ( Weinbaum et al., 1984 , 1987 )], peach [ Prunus persica L. ( Rosecrance et al., 1998 )], and walnut [ Juglans regia L. ( Weinbaum and Kessel, 1998 )]. These studies have provided valuable

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Dewayne L. Ingram

Sept. 2012. < > Cambria, D. Pierangeli, D. 2011 A life cycle assessment case study for walnut tree ( Juglans regia L.) seedlings production Intl. J. Life Cycle Assessment 16 859 868 Debolt, S. Campbell, J