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Lavesta C. Hand, Wheeler G. Foshee III, Tyler A. Monday, Daniel E. Wells and Dennis P. Delaney

. Watermelon yield was greatest and weed control was best with a tank mix of clomazone, ethalfluralin, and halosulfuron. This treatment caused a significant amount of watermelon injury (30% at 2–4 WAT and 26% at 5–7 WAT), but had no effect on marketable yield

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P. Chris Wilson and Joseph P. Albano

-release, nitrate-based formulation (Leonard's Ornamental Mixes, Port St. Lucie, FL) to save on production costs. This fertilizer was applied at a rate of ≈15 g/gal pot size. Irrigation management remained the same according to plant needs and standard practice

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Cheryl R. Boyer, Janet C. Cole and Mark E. Payton

resistance has been noted since anthracnose on wintercreeper euonymus was first described. LaMondia (2001a , b) found that resistance to multiple fungicides was common and suggested that use of several different fungicides in a tank mixture or rotation

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Max G. Villalobos-Acuña, William V. Biasi, Sylvia Flores, Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Rachel B. Elkins and Neil H. Willits

sprayer was provided by AgroFresh Inc. and was pressurized using a high-pressure CO 2 cylinder attached to an 11.4-L tank containing the 1-MCP and/or adjuvant mix. Unsprayed trees were also selected as controls. Treatments were applied in the early

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Jennifer L. Parke, Neelam R. Redekar, Joyce L. Eberhart and Fumiaki Funahashi

) media components such as potting mix and compost ( Fig. 3B ); 4) scrapings from used containers to be recycled ( Fig. 3C ); 5) plant debris in cull piles ( Fig. 3E ); and 6) irrigation water from main sources, retention reservoirs, and runoff channels

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Mindy L. Bumgarner, K. Francis Salifu and Douglass F. Jacobs

dimensions of 6.4 cm × 25 cm (diameter × length) (D40 Deepot, Stuewe and Sons, Corvallis, OR) and filled with soilless media mix. On 15 May 2006, trays of seedlings were placed in a greenhouse with mean day/night temperature of 24/20 °C under ambient light

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Genhua Niu, Denise S. Rodriguez and Mengmeng Gu

Methods Seeds of Texas mountain laurel, treated with concentrated sulfuric acid for 30 min ( Ruter and Ingram, 1991 ), were sown on 20 Nov. 2006 in plug cells (63 mL) filled with a germination mix of perlite, vermiculite, and peatmoss at 1:1:1 (by vol

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Bielinski M. Santos and James P. Gilreath

-inch/acre (≈1500 ppm) of water. The water flow rates were 0.30, 0.45, and 0.60 gal/100 ft of row per minute within each water volume. A nontreated control was included. Metam potassium was injected with electric water pumps, which were connected to mixing tanks

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James E. Altland, Leslie Morris, Jennifer Boldt, Paul Fisher and Rosa Raudales

holding tank or retention pond. Reapplication of irrigation water contaminated with paclobutrazol can cause stunting and deformed growth in nontarget floriculture crops. Million et al. (1999) showed that continuous irrigation with concentrations as low

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Oleg Daugovish, Hai Su and W. Douglas Gubler

decreased disease incidence significantly over the inoculated controls, but was not the most effective fungicide. However, a tank mix of captan with strobilurin fungicides could reduce the potential risk of developing fungicide resistance to strobilurin