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Rachel E. Rudolph, Lisa W. DeVetter, Chris Benedict and Inga A. Zasada

implementing integrated pest management (IPM) reported difficulties discerning its effectiveness compared with conventional practices. They also found IPM practices to be more expensive than traditional methods and could not perceive its advantages ( Goldberger

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Maria E. Cramer, Kathleen Demchak, Richard Marini and Tracy Leskey

incomplete development of biocontrols, suggest a need for new integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for Japanese beetle management. A key step in developing IPM strategies is understanding the biology and behavior of the target pest. Japanese beetles

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Diana Carolina Núñez-López, Augusto Ramírez-Godoy and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

pesticides and the development of new strategies that can be included in programs of integrated pest management (IPM). From this viewpoint, studies with inert particles such as kaolin have been developed (aluminosilicate clay) to become an alternative for the

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Charles Benbrook

Benbrook, K.L. 2002 Pesticide residues in conventional, integrated pest management (IPM)-grown and organic foods: Insights from three US data sets Food Addit. Contam. 19 427 446 Barbaste, M. Berke, B. Dumas, M. Soulet, S. Delaunay, J.C. Castagnino, C

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Alexis K. Nagel, Guido Schnabel, Cesar Petri and Ralph Scorza

; Integrated Pest Management (IPM), 2004 ]. The root-knot nematode (RKN) and Phytophthora root rot (PRR) are two important diseases associated with premature tree decline in stone fruit orchards. Root-knot nematodes belonging to the genus Meloidogyne are

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Ellen M. Bauske, Gary R. Bachman, Tom Bewick, Lucy Bradley, David Close, Rick Durham and Mary Hockenberry Meyer

were explored. These funding sources focus on agricultural production and rural populations. Group members had participated in NIFA-funded projects in integrated pest management (IPM), food, nutrition and health, and environmental and natural resources

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Sheng Li, Feng Wu, Yongping Duan, Ariel Singerman and Zhengfei Guan

Vreysen, M.J.B. Robinson, A.S. Hendrichs, J. Kenmore, P. 2007 Area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM): Principles, practice and prospects. Area-wide control of insect pests. Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands Wang, N. Pierson, E.A. Setubal, J.C. Xu

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H.F. Abouziena, O.M. Hafez, I.M. El-Metwally, S.D. Sharma and M. Singh

31 Knapp J.L. Florida Citrus integrated pest management handbook Florida Coop. Ext. Serv., University of Florida Gainesville Tworkoski, T.J. Glenn, D.M. 2001 Yield, shoot and root growth, and

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Ana Regia Alves de Araújo Hendges, Jose Wagner da Silva Melo, Marcelo de Almeida Guimaraes and Janiquelle da Silva Rabelo

production. However, it represents an important tool to be explored in integrated pest management programs designed to fight against this pest. Additional studies should be conducted to establish better designs for achieving even lower populations of aphids

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Chandrasekar S. Kousik, Scott Adkins, William W. Turechek, Craig G. Webster and Pamela D. Roberts

., 2006 ). Therefore, our program has worked on developing sources of resistance to SqVYV-caused WVD as a long-term solution. Furthermore, host resistance is considered the cornerstone of any integrated pest management strategy (IPM). The efforts leading