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Cary A. Mitchell

red photon flux ratios using LEDs HortScience 49 S238 S239 Hernández, R. Kubota, C. 2014b LEDs supplemental lighting for vegetable transplant production: Spectral evaluation and comparisons with HID technology Acta Hort. 1037 829 836 Hoenecke, M

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Patrice Cannavo, Houda Hafdhi and Jean-Charles Michel

of vegetable transplants. I. Physical properties of wood fiber substrates Sci. Hort. 100 309 322 Lemaire, F. Dartigues, A. Rivière, L.M. Charpentier, S. Morel, P. 2003 Cultures en pots et conteneurs Principes agronomiques et applications 2nd Ed INRA

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Guifang Qi, Jean-Charles Michel, Pascal Boivin and Sylvain Charpentier

.A. 1981 Physical properties of three container media and their effect on poinsettia growth J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 106 736 741 Gruda, N. Schnitzler, W.H. 2004 Suitability of wood fiber substrate for production of vegetable transplants. I. Physical

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Desire Djidonou, Zhifeng Gao and Xin Zhao

of grafted vegetable transplants also vary with the crop type. According to Taylor et al. (2008) , the price of grafted seedless watermelon transplants was $0.87/plant as compared with $0.28/plant for nongrafted transplants. As indicated in the

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Robin G. Brumfield

producers are looking for differentiated products that meet consumer needs. An example is Plainview Growers (Pompton Plains, NJ), who began a line of pet greens to sell at pet stores. Vegetable transplants are strong anytime there is a downturn in the

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Eric B. Brennan

could be used to integrate an SH seeder into a mechanical vegetable transplanter or a grain drill for cover crop seeding. Although the SH seeder described here is made with materials that are readily available in hardware stores in developed countries or

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David Wees, Philippe Seguin, Josée Boisclair and Chloé Gendre

additional time on 21 June as weather was hot and dry immediately after planting. The growing season of 2012 was warmer and much drier than in 2011 ( Table 2 ). In both years, cuttings were transplanted on 15 June ( Table 2 ) with a vegetable transplanter

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Gregory E. Welbaum, Zhen-Xing Shen, Jonathan I. Watkinson, Chun-Li Wang and Jerzy Nowak

, L. Mauch-Mani, B. 2006 Priming: Getting ready for battle Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. 19 1062 1071 Faltenovitch, S. Welbaum, G.E. 2008 Controlling vegetable transplant height with managed

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Brian R. Poel and Erik S. Runkle

at a PPFD of 160 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 . However, there were no differences in height for the same species grown under 30% B + 70% R LED SL compared with those grown under 15% B + 85% R LED SL. In the production of vegetable transplants, the amount of B

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Chandrasekar S. Kousik, Amnon Levi, Kai-Shu Ling and W. Patrick Wechter

methods for watermelon in high wind areas 258 264 Holmes G.J. Proc. Cucurbitaceae 2006 Universal Press Raleigh, NC Koren, A. Edelstein, M. 2004 Advantages and limitations of grafted vegetable