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Garry G. Gordon, Wheeler G. Foshee III, Stewart T. Reed, James E. Brown and Edgar L. Vinson III

, and K as 20N–8.73P–16.6K were applied to plots in 2004. Trifluralin at 1 pt/acre a.i. (Treflan; Bayer CropScience, Research Triangle Park, NC) was applied in May 2003 and 2004. In May 2003, 1 qt/acre a.i. of glyphosate (Round-Up; Monsanto, St. Louis

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Vincent M. Russo and Merritt Taylor

, respectively. Amounts of nutrients brought levels in the soil to ≈75N–112P290K kg·ha −1 , which supported all crops used ( Motes and Roberts, 1994 ). To the area to be planted with bell peppers and cucumbers, the herbicide trifluralin (Dow AgroSciences, St

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Parminder S. Multani, Christopher S. Cramer, Robert L. Steiner and Rebecca Creamer

during the cropping season. A high onion thrips population was desired to ensure IYSV spread throughout the field. In 2005, Treflan 5G (trifluralin; Dow Agrosciences, Midland, MI) was incorporated preplanting to control weed growth. Direct-seeded onions

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Debalina Saha, S. Christopher Marble, Brian Pearson, Héctor Pérez, Gregory MacDonald and D. Calvin Odero

Detection and dissipation of isoxaben and trifluralin in containerized plant nursery runoff water Weed Sci. 44 683 688

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was conducted at the University of Kentucky Research and Education Center, Princeton, KY, to evaluate the performance and safety of clomazone and trifluralin applied under plastic mulch in bell pepper. Treatments were applied after beds were made and

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Kelly J. Vining, Ryan N. Contreras, Martin Ranik and Steven H. Strauss

for Sterility Breeding Induced polyploidy. Induced polyploidy is a widely used technique in plant breeding. Typically, meristems are treated with antimitotic agents such as colchicine or dinitroaniline herbicides such as oryzalin or trifluralin

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Nicholas A. Pershey, Bert M. Cregg, Jeffrey A. Andresen and R. Thomas Fernandez

of metalaxyl, Trifluralin, and nitrate from nursery runoff using container-grown woody ornamentals and phytoremediation areas Ecol. Eng. 47 254 263

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Hira Singh, Pradeep Kumar, Sushila Chaudhari and Menahem Edelstein

injury caused by herbicide (fomesafen, halosulfuron, metribuzin, napropamide, S -metolachlor, and trifluralin) application (pre- and posttransplants) in both nongrafted and grafted tomato plants. Chaudhari et al. (2017b) also reported that grafted and

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K. Delate, C. Cambardella and A. McKern

49 kg·ha −1 N was then applied at first flower. Trifluralin (Treflan ® ; Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis) was applied as a single application in the conventionally managed plots at 0.5 lb/acre a.i. Insecticides were scheduled to be applied only if

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David C. Zlesak, Vance M. Whitaker, Steve George and Stan C. Hokanson

length as predictors of ploidy in diverse rose cultivars, species, and breeding lines Zlesak D.C. Roses. Floriculture and Ornamental Biotech 3 Special Issue 1 53 70 Zlesak, D.C. Thill, C.A. Anderson, N.O. 2005 Trifluralin-mediated polyploidization of