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Shugang Zhao, Jiamin Niu, Linying Yun, Kai Liu, Shuang Wang, Jing Wen, Hongxia Wang and ZhiHua Zhang

.N. 2009 Studies of changes in sugar accumulation and lignin deposition during peach fruit endocarp development Acta Hort. Sinica 36 1113 1119 Yuan, H.R. Liu, R.H. 2007 Study on pyrolysis kinetics of walnut shell J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 89 983 986 Zhang, H

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John C. Beaulieu and Jeanne M. Lea

of fresh-cut cantaloupes Postharvest Biol. Technol. 19 61 72 McCollum, T.G. Huber, D.J. Cantliffe, D.J. 1988 Soluble sugar accumulation and activity of related enzymes during muskmelon fruit development

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Jieshan Cheng, Peige Fan, Zhenchang Liang, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Niu, Weidong Li and Shaohua Li

in relation to end products and activities of metabolic enzymes in peach trees Tree Physiol. 27 1307 1318 Lloyd, J.C. Zakhleniuk, O.V. 2004 Responses of primary and secondary metabolism to sugar accumulation

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

. Nitrogen deficiency can modify enzyme activities and metabolite contents ( Lemaître et al., 2008 ; Zhang et al., 2010 ). It enhanced sugar accumulation while reducing amino acid content ( Lemaître et al., 2008 ; Wei et al., 2015 ) and hastened leaf

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Shi-Lin Tian, Li Li, Yue-Qin Tian, S.N.M. Shah and Zhen-Hui Gong

properties of Cordia myxa and Carissa carandas fruit during ripening Indian J. Plant. Physiol. 20 1 72 78 Kobashi, K. Sugaya, S. Gemma, H. Iwahori, S. 2001 Effect of abscisic acid (ABA) on sugar accumulation in the flesh tissue of peach fruit at the start

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Yu Bai, Ying Zhou, Xiaoqing Tang, Yu Wang, Fangquan Wang and Jie Yang

Sato, A. Okubo, H. Saitou, K. 2006 Increase in the expression of an alpha-amylase gene and sugar accumulation induced during cold period reflects shoot elongation in hyacinth bulbs J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131 185 191 Seo, E. Lee, H. Jeon, J. Park, H

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Alexander G. Litvin, Marc W. van Iersel and Anish Malladi

production and enhanced cell size J. Expt. Bot. 61 3003 3013 Massacci, A. Battistelli, A. Loreto, F. 1996 Effect of drought stress on photosynthetic characteristics, growth and sugar accumulation of field-grown sweet sorghum Austral. J. Plant Physiol. 23 331

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Matthew W. Fidelibus, Karen E. Koch and Frederick S. Davies

-harvested ‘Shamouti’ sweet orange, but data were not available for shorter-term responses. Later work by Kuraoka et al. (1977) showed that one and two applications of GA 3 at about the time of color break could suppress total soluble sugar accumulation in the

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Ana Centeno, Pilar Baeza and José Ramón Lissarrague

mature enough, according to Coombe (1995) , to increase photosynthetic activity and enhance sugar accumulation. In 2002, the increase of sugar composition of berries was adequate and it was not necessary to increase the irrigation dose. Total water

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James F. Hancock, Chad E. Finn, James J. Luby, Adam Dale, Pete W. Callow and Sedat Serçe

Characteristics of soluble sugar accumulation in commercially grown Fragaria chiloensis HortScience 40 1647 1648 Pinkerton, J. Finn, C.E. 2005 Responses of strawberry species and cultivars to the root- lesion and northern