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Guihong Bi, Williams B. Evans, and Glenn B. Fain

. Sci. 107 522 525 Bugbee, G.J. Frink, C.R. 1989 Composted waste as a peat substitute in peat-lite media HortScience 24 625 627 Chirenji, T. Ma, L.Q. 2002 Impact of high-volume wood-fired boiler ash amendment on soil properties and nutrients. Commun

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Youngsuk Lee, Hun Joong Kweon, Moo-Yong Park, and Dongyong Lee

in triplicate and matched to actual foliar N content. We performed SPAD–N prediction and fit test validation using R programming (GGplot2 library; RStudio). Results Soil properties and leaf nutrient profiles of ‘Arisoo’/M.9 apple trees during the

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Timothy L. Grey, Keith Rucker, Lenny Wells, and Xuelin Luo

. 52 211 Dermiyati, S.K. Yamamoto, I. 1997a Degradation of the herbicide halosulfuron in two soils under different environmental conditions J. Pestic. Sci. 22 282 287 Dermiyati, S.K. Yamamoto, I. 1997b Relationships between soil properties and sorption

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Megan E. O’Rourke and Jessica Petersen

.L. Smith, M.S. Thomas, G.W. Frye, W.W. 1983 Influence of conservative tillage on soil properties J. Soil Water Conserv. 38 301 304 Bratsch, A. 2009 Specialty crop profile: Pumpkins. Virginia Coop. Ext. Publ. 438-100. Virginia Polytech. Inst. and State Univ

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Osama Mohawesh, Ammar Albalasmeh, Sanjit Deb, Sukhbir Singh, Catherine Simpson, Nour AlKafaween, and Atif Mahadeen

field to determine soil physicochemical properties. Soil properties were analyzed based on the standard procedures described by Klute (1986 ). Soil water content for each treatment plot was recorded at 2-d intervals using a handheld time domain

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Arnold W. Schumann

maps and found a good correlation between the yield and soil properties from the zones. Automated crop yield map data are most often collected at the time of harvesting with mobile-embedded computers and sensors mounted on harvesting machinery

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Zhi Quan, Bin Huang, Caiyan Lu, Yi Shi, Yanhong Cao, Yongzhuang Wang, Chuanrui He, Guangyu Chi, Jian Ma, and Xin Chen

. Cao, C. Zheng, C. Zhou, W. He, P. 2014 Responses of soil properties, microbial community and crop yields to various rates of nitrogen fertilization in a wheat-maize cropping system in north-central China Agr. Ecosyst. Environ. 194 29 37 Zhao, Y. Luo, J

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Michael V. Mickelbart, Michael J. Gosney, James Camberato, and Kelly M. Stanton

K are difficult to predict ( Mallarino et al., 2011 ). The differences in soil test K in our study with time could reflect the influence of any combination of these factors. Table 2. Main effect (pH and year) values for the soil properties pH and

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Darby S. Kellum, Manoj K. Shukla, John Mexal, and Sanjit Deb

, long. 106°50′3.85″ W, and altitude of 1,185 m above sea level). Soils at Leyendecker and La Mancha are primarily Arimjo clay loam and Brazito very fine sandy loam, respectively. Soil properties at the sites are referenced in Table 1 ( Deb et al., 2013

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Ertan Yildirim, Huseyin Karlidag, Metin Turan, Atilla Dursun, and Fahrettin Goktepe

improved soil properties, and these effects are mostly explained by the release of metabolites directly stimulating growth. All the mechanisms by which PGPR promote plant growth are not fully understood but may include the ability to produce plant hormones