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Noriko Ohtake, Masaharu Ishikura, Hiroshi Suzuki, Wataru Yamori and Eiji Goto

( Yamori et al., 2012 ; Zhang et al., 2015 ). After 30 min of illumination to obtain steady-state photosynthesis, the net photosynthetic rate in the most newly expanded leaves of 31- to 35-d-old plants grown under W24 was measured under growth light

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Ming Li and Wei-tang Song

hour (h −1 ) during photoperiod and dark period, respectively, and P n,w ′ and R d,w ′ are the real net photosynthetic rate and dark respiration rate of whole-plant (µmol·h −1 /transplant). Substituting Eqs. [3] and [5] into Eq. [1] , e P can

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Jia-yi Wang, Jian-shuang Shen, Mengmeng Gu, Jia Wang, Tang-ren Cheng, Hui-tang Pan and Qi-xiang Zhang

is lower than that of green-leafed ones in Eupatorium makinoi ( Funayama et al., 1997 ). The net photosynthetic rate of yellow-leafed Sophora japonica var. golden is lower than that of the green-leafed species S. japonica ( Liu et al., 2003

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Toshio Shibuya, Ryosuke Endo, Yuki Kitamura, Yoshiaki Kitaya and Nobuaki Hayashi

under FL H or 6 d under ML, sample seedlings from each treatment group were taken to measure the net photosynthetic rate (P n ) and quantum yield of photosystem II photochemistry (Ф PSII ; Maxwell and Johnson, 2000 ). Because of the faster development

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,4-epibrassinolide (EBR) at appropriate concentrations effectively reduced the decline in net photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll content in tomato leaves caused by suboptimal temperature stress in both ‘Zhongshu6’ (chilling sensitive) and ‘SANTIAM’ (chilling

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Aisu Gu, Wenfang Liu, Chao Ma, Jin Cui, Richard J. Henny and Jianjun Chen

.91 among plantlets produced under the five light sources. After transplanting to a soilless substrate, plants initially produced under red + blue light established rapidly and had significantly higher net photosynthetic rates than those initially produced

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Toshio Shibuya, Ryosuke Endo, Yoshiaki Kitaya and Saki Hayashi

with the light interception area per plant and the net photosynthetic rate per unit leaf area, respectively. The high-R:FR light has been shown to alter these growth parameters. There have been many reports that leaf enlargement (correlated with LAR

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Tao Hu, Haiying Yi, Longxing Hu and Jinmin Fu

−1 at 0, 4, and 8 DAT. Net photosynthetic rate (P n ), stomatal conductance ( g S ), and intercellular CO 2 concentration (C i ) were measured with four fully expanded leaves (second from the top) from three subsamples in each pot. Values of

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Qianqian Sheng and Zunling Zhu

concentration (milligrams per gram of extract). Measurements of photosynthetic parameters. The photosynthetic photon flux density ( PPFD ) responses of the net photosynthetic rate (Pn), intercellular carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) concentration (Ci), transpiration rate

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Meng-Shiun Tsai, Tan-Cha Lee and Pai-Tsang Chang

to these changes, and there were no significant differences among the various antisunscald methods. Leaf net photosynthesis. A significant difference in the net photosynthetic rate of leaf samples was found under different shading methods ( Table 4