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Matthew W. Fidelibus, Stephen J. Vasquez, and S. Kaan Kurtural

’s new multiple range test at P < 0.05. Results and discussion Environmental effects of covers. The covers did not enclose the fruiting zone of the vines or affect fruit zone temperatures (data not shown). However, vines with green covers had much

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Lingxiao Zhang and S Kyei-Boahen

HortTechnology 15 896 900 10.21273/HORTTECH.15.4.0896 Egli, D.B. Bruening, W. 1992 Planting date and soybean yield: Evaluation of environmental effects with a crop simulation model: SOYGRO Agr. For. Meteorol. 62 19 29 10.1016/0168-1923(92)90003-M Ernst, M. 2001

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Ken Shackel

prunes, almonds, and a number of other crops ( Naor, 2006 ). One important advantage of SWP is that a non-soil–water-limited (baseline) value, accounting for local environmental effects, can be calculated from midday VPD and used as a “fully irrigated

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Narinder P.S. Dhillon, Supannika Sanguansil, Supornpun Srimat, Suwannee Laenoi, Roland Schafleitner, Michel Pitrat, and James D. McCreight

farmers while reducing numbers and frequency of chemical control and potential adverse environmental effects. The five BG-CPM–resistant breeding lines used in this study have been observed resistant to many local isolates of Px during multilocation

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Nebahat Sari, Emily Silverman, Danny Reiland, and Todd C. Wehner

. Soc. N. Z. 12 487 497 Smeets, L. Wehner, T.C. 1997 Environmental effects on genetic variation of chilling resistance in cucumber Euphytica 97 217 225 10.1023/A:1003084821178 Spalholz, H. Kubota, C. 2017 Rootstock affected in-and poststorage performance

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George E. Boyhan, Reid L. Torrance, Jeff Cook, Cliff Riner, and C. Randell Hill

treatment effects rather than the environmental effects. This can be seen by increasing numbers of seedstems with later transplanting dates. Doubles were unaffected at the 0.050, but the probability was marginally significant at 0.051. With the D. Palmer

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Hanna Y. Hanna

study and should be considered by growers in the southern states. It is recommended growers start on a small scale first because of possible environmental effects. ‘Geronimo’ should be considered for its higher yield, and ‘Quest’ for its adequate yield

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Yung-Liang Peng, Fang-Yin Liu, Rong-Show Shen, and Yu-Sen Chang

extractable chlorophyll and portable chlorophyll meter readings in leaves of eight tropical and subtropical fruit-tree species J. Plant Physiol. 138 674 677 10.1104/pp.84.3.796 Seemann, J.R. Sharkey, T.D. Wang, J. Osmond, C.B. 1987 Environmental effects on

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Arend-Jan Both, Bruce Bugbee, Chieri Kubota, Roberto G. Lopez, Cary Mitchell, Erik S. Runkle, and Claude Wallace

greenhouse lighting: Light emitting diodes vs. high intensity discharge fixtures PLoS One 9 6 e99010 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0099010 Nelson, J.A. Bugbee, B. 2015 Analysis of environmental effects on leaf temperature under sunlight, high pressure sodium and

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Xinjuan Chen, Zhujun Zhu, Joska Gerendás, and Nadine Zimmermann

species ( Mithen et al., 2000 ). Kang et al. (2006) reported that the genotypic effects described most of the phenotypic variation of GSs in Chinese cabbage than the environmental effects. In addition to genetic and environment factors, variation in GS