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Ricardo González-Ponce, Esther G. López-de-Sá and César Plaza

.) ( González-Ponce and García-López-de-Sá, 2007 ; Johnston and Richards, 2003 ; Plaza et al., 2007 ). To date, however, no data are available in the literature for lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.), which is a leading vegetable crop in many parts of the world

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T. Casey Barickman, Thomas E. Horgan, Jennifer R. Wheeler and Carl E. Sams

Open field and greenhouse production of lettuce ( Lactuca sativa ) in southern United States occurs predominately in the fall and winter seasons due to lower temperatures and shorter days. In most southern states, lettuce provides a large amount of

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Edward J. Ryder and Bert J. Robinson

assistance with the greenhouse work. Part of this research was supported by the California Iceberg Lettuce Research Board. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal regulations, this paper therefore

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Yuki Sago and Airi Shigemura

important role in lettuce growth ( Ikeda and Osawa, 1980 ). Therefore, low nitrate concentrations in nutrient solutions can limit yields. Furthermore, changes in light conditions and interruptions of nutrient supply cause additional system and labor costs

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Ken Takahata, Yoko Mine, Atsukiyo Karimata and Hiroyuki Miura

Cell trays for raising vegetable seedlings on a large scale have become increasingly popular because of their low cost; however, the method yields poor emergence rates due to the high temperatures when lettuce seeds are sown in the summer

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Ida Di Mola, Youssef Rouphael, Giuseppe Colla, Massimo Fagnano, Roberta Paradiso and Mauro Mori

interacting parameters such as the growing environment, species or cultivars as well as the salt concentration, source, and the time of exposure of the stress ( Rouphael et al., 2012a , 2017a ). Lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) is a major salad crop from the

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Kui Lin, Zhi Huang and Yong Xu

lettuce ( L. sativa L.), which is a leafy vegetable that provides a source of essential vitamins, minerals, and protein and has been reported to be beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer and promoting antiaging and other health

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Mitchell Eicher-Sodo, Robert Gordon and Youbin Zheng

2 is directly based on the irrigation method used. Overhead irrigation, using spray nozzles attached to automated booms, is employed for production of microgreens, and lettuce in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Microgreens, seeded in shallow trays

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Janusz Prusinski and Anwar A. Khan

. Gifts of (2-chloroethyl) phosphoric acid from Union Carbide Corp., Research Triangle Park, N. C., and of seeds of lettuce cultivars from Ferry Morse Seed Co., Modesto, Calif., and Harris-Moran Seed Co., Rochester, N. Y., are greatly appreciated. The cost

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Jing Zhou, PingPing Li, JiZhang Wang and Weiguo Fu

( Hikosaka et al., 2006 ). Light and temperature interactions provide crucial information for optimizing environmental regulations under various seasonal conditions ( Franklin et al., 2014 ; Lu et al., 2017 ). Romaine lettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) is the