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Heidi M. Wollaeger, Kristin L. Getter and Bridget K. Behe

Garden shows were able to identify terminology associated with integrated pest management (IPM) such as pest tolerance (16%), pest scouting (19%), or organic farming (11%) ( Klingeman et al., 2004 ). The relatively low understanding of pest control

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Gregory M. Peck, Ian A. Merwin, Christopher B. Watkins, Kathryn W. Chapman and Olga I. Padilla-Zakour

orchards from conventional management to integrated (IFP) and organic fruit production (OFP) systems in the northeastern United States. However, some barriers to IFP and OFP might be overcome by implementing better biocontrol, integrated pest management

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Kathleen Delate, Andrea McKern, Robert Turnbull, James T.S. Walker, Richard Volz, Allan White, Vincent Bus, Dave Rogers, Lyn Cole, Natalie How, Sarah Guernsey and Jason Johnston

Association, 2005 ), and new organic pest and disease management strategies, improved orchard management practices, and marketing incentives, particularly in the European Union (EU), have increased the supply of organic apples ( Weibel, 2001 ). Key issues for

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Christopher T. Werle, Karla M. Addesso, Blair J. Sampson, Jason B. Oliver and John J. Adamczyk

( Pimentel et al., 1992 ). Development of a comprehensive push–pull integrated pest management (IPM) strategy may be a cost-effective approach for managing destructive ambrosia beetles ( Cook et al., 2007 ). This strategy incorporates visual and olfactory

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Thomas M. Sjulin

Overwinter survival of Colletotrichum acutatum in infected strawberry fruit in Ohio Plant Dis. 76 948 950 University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (UC IPM Online) 2004 Weed photo gallery listed by

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Kent D. Kobayashi, Theodore J.K. Radovich and Brooke E. Moreno

sustainability, including water environmental concerns, integrated pest management (IPM), weed control IPM/living mulches, and federal standards for organic food production ( University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, 2004a

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David Granatstein and Kent Mullinix

attraction of pests. These problems must be weighed against the potential benefits ( Meyer et al., 1992 ). ORCHARD MULCHING MANAGEMENT TRIALS Given these concerns, we have conducted a series of orchard mulching trials in apple orchards with the goal of

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Mark A. Williams, John G. Strang, Ricardo T. Bessin, Derek Law, Delia Scott, Neil Wilson, Sarah Witt and Douglas D. Archbold

R.E. Cancelado (eds.). Integrated pest management: Concepts, tactics, strategies and case studies. Cambridge Univ. Press, New York, NY Autio, W. Robinson, T.L. Cowgill, W. Hampson, C. Kushad, M. Lang, G. Masabni, J. Miller, D.D. Parra-Quezada, R

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David G. Hall, Tim R. Gottwald, Ed Stover and G. Andrew C. Beattie

investigated. Beattie and Barkley (2009) recommended that an ACP management program be based not on pest abundance but rather on host plant phenology; application of mineral oils or synthetic insecticides would be initiated as flush begins to develop (buds

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Yinping Li, Raymond A. Cloyd and Nora M. Bello

/West Palaearctic Regional Section Bull. 19:115–118 Parrella, M.P. Jones, V. 1987 Development of integrated pest management strategies in floricultural crops Bull. Entomol. Soc. Amer. 33 28 34 Pietrantuono, A.L. Enriquez, A.S. Fernández-Arhex, V. Bruzzone, O.A. 2015