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Allen V. Barker and Randall G. Prostak

begin to regrow within several weeks. Pelargonic acid (nonanoic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid in the oil of geranium ( Pelargonium L'Her.) ( Coleman and Penner, 2006 ; Windholz, 1983 ). It is manufactured from other fatty acids to produce

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İbrahim Kahramanoğlu and Serhat Usanmaz

and functional properties of loquat fruit during cold storage New Zeal. J. Crop Hort. 39 1 2005 2014 Carmo, E.S. Lima, E. Souza, O.E.L. Sousa, F.B. 2008 Effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume essential oil on the growth and morphogenesis of some

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Timothy K. Broschat

essential dans la nutrition du palmier à huile et la nutrition en chlore du palmier à huile et du cocotier Oléagineux 26 1 15 367–372. Ollagnier, M. Ochs, R. 1972 Sulphur deficiencies in the oil palm and coconut Oléagineux 27 193 198 Poole, R.T. Henley, R

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James J. Polashock, Robert A. Saftner and Matthew Kramer

antimicrobial activity of the essential oil of Salvia lanigera Pakistan J. Biol. Sci. 6 133 135 Anderson, R.A. Hamilton-Kemp, T.R. Hildebrand, D.F. McCracken C.T. Jr Collins, R.W. Fleming, P

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Jules Janick

Minor. The olive was not used by the Babylonians and Assyrians, whose sources of oil were sesame and walnut, but olive was long known in Syria and the Holy Land and was introduced to Egypt between 3000 and 1600 bce . By the time of Ramses II (1197

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Ze Li, Xiaofeng Tan, Zhiming Liu, Qing Lin, Lin Zhang, Jun Yuan, Yanling Zeng and Lingli Wu

The C. oleifera Abel. (Theaceae) is an important oil producing species native to China. Together with olive ( Olea europaea ), oil palm ( Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) and coconut ( Cocos nucifera L.), they are the four major woody oil trees in the

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Manuela Vega-Zamora, Francisco José Torres-Ruiz and Manuel Parras-Rosa

to explain consumer behavior in each specific case and to identify the most appropriate strategies. Consequently, this study focuses on Spain and on the market for olive oil, given the steadily increasing importance of this product worldwide, its

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Joshua D. Butcher, Charles P. Laubscher and Johannes C. Coetzee

the most remarkable feature of P. tomentosum is the prominent peppermint-like scent; the volatile oils and aroma make this a useful therapeutic plant, which is used in the perfume industry. The essential oil secreted by glandular hairs is made up of

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Ruimin Huang, Chao Shen, Susu Wang and Zhengjia Wang

Zn is an essential micronutrient for plants, and it plays an important role in physiologic metabolism, hormonal regulation, and membrane structure and function ( Ojeda-Barrios et al., 2014 ). It is also a cofactor for a variety of enzymes with roles

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Gregory M. Peck, Candace N. DeLong, Leon D. Combs and Keith S. Yoder

use of the synthetically derived plant growth regulators that are used for this purpose in conventional systems ( U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2016 ). Managing crop load in apple orchards is essential for improving fruit size and color, preventing