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Aparna Gazula, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Joseph C. Scheerens and Peter P. Ling

; Nogués et al., 1998 ; Woodall and Stewart, 1998 ) and, possibly, human health ( Keevil et al., 2000 ; Mazza and Miniati, 1993 ; Wang et al., 1999 ), the amounts and distributions of chlorophylls and anthocyanins contribute significantly to leaf color

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Whitney N. Griffin, Steven M. Cohan, John D. Lea-Cox and Andrew G. Ristvey

for particle size distribution and organic content as well as specific physical properties such as water holding capacity, bulk density, and total porosity ( FLL, 2008 ). Beyond the basic FLL recommendations, GRS composition varies internationally and

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Qing Shen, Hua Bian, Hai-yan Wei, Li Liao, Zhi-yong Wang, Xiao-yan Luo, Xi-peng Ding, Zhenbang Chen and Paul Raymer

analysis. Based on the genetic resemblance matrix, the PCA was conducted on 58 P. vaginatum accessions and four cultivars to further understand the ecological distribution of different accessions. Figure 3 presents the distribution of the different

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo and Beibei Fan

studies have demonstrated that P. orientalis provided considerable ecological benefits for vegetation restoration, especially in fragile ecosystems such as arid and semiarid regions ( Yu et al., 2015 ; Zhang et al., 2017 ). However, its survival rate is

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Jonas Christensen, Uffe Bjerre Lauridsen, Christian Andreasen and Henrik Lütken

supplement to traditional cabbage species. Most research on sea kale has been ecological studies ( Bond et al., 2005 ; Briard et al., 2002 ; Walmsley and Davy, 1997a , 1997b , 1997c ). A few studies describe sea kale being grown as Belgian endive

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Francisco Alcon, Mari Carmen García-Martínez, María Dolores De-Miguel and María Ángeles Fernández-Zamudio

end of the range. Its corresponding cumulative function will be defined by: Likewise, the distribution of T can be expressed by the survival function, S ( t ), the reverse of the cumulative distribution function of T . This defines the

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Joseph Tychonievich and Ryan M. Warner

that are exclusively native to the Americas and is comprised of the subgenera Audibertia and Calosphace . Because the clades defined by Walker correspond largely with geographical distribution and with the subgenera and sections of Bentham, it is

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Takaho Taniguchi and Rie Akamatsu

Because the scores for “attitude toward locally grown food,” “attachment to region,” and body mass index (BMI) all showed asymmetrical distributions ( P = 0.001, based on the results of the Shapiro–Wilk test), the median within a percentile range (25th

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George C.J. Fernandez

as 1) nonindependence of error, 2) unequal error variation within treatment, and 3) nonnormal error distribution is an important component of statistical analysis. Proper randomization methods in experimental designs ensure that the residuals are

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Fumiomi Takeda, D. Michael Glenn and Gary W. Stutte

preponderance of far-red radiation relative to red light ( Kasperbauer, 1971 ). This shift in spectral composition of light is biologically significant in the context of ecological aspects of light on seed germination and vegetative development. Plants grown in