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Seth D. Wannemuehler, Chengyan Yue, Wendy K. Hoashi-Erhardt, R. Karina Gallardo and Vicki McCracken

( Luby and Shaw, 2001 ). A second study by Edge-Garza et al. (2015) used these conditions to generate the MASS Efficiency Calculator v. 1.0 using apple ( Malus × domestica ), grape ( Vitis vinifera ), and strawberry as model crops. They concluded that

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Xiaohua Yang, Susan K. Brown and Peter J. Davies

. Wiley, New York, NY Foster, T. Kirk, C. Jones, W.T. Allan, A.C. Espley, R. Karunairetnam, S. Rakonjac, J. 2007 Characterisation of the DELLA subfamily in apple ( Malus ×domestica Borkh.) Tree Genet. Genomes 3 187 197 Gaskin, P. MacMillan, J. 1991 GC

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Christopher B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock

‘Honeycrisp’ [ Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. var. domestica (Borkh) Mansf.] is a popular apple cultivar that commands premium prices in the North American market. The cultivar has a unique crisp, juicy texture that is popular with consumers

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Andreas Winkler, Eckhard Grimm, Moritz Knoche, Julian Lindstaedt and Dirk Köpcke

epicuticular wax of apples ( Malus domestica Borkh.) during storage J. Sci. Food Agr. 88 996 1006 Curry, E.A. 2009 Growth-induced microcracking and repair mechanism of fruit cuticles. Proc. SEM Annu. Conf., Soc. Expt. Mechanics, Albuquerque, NM. 23 Dec. 2013

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Larry E. Schrader, Jianguang Zhang, Jianshe Sun, Jizhong Xu, Don C. Elfving and Cindy Kahn

-exposed apples ( Malus domestica ) Acta Hort. 553 95 98 Nilsson, T. Gustavsson, K.E. 2007 Postharvest physiology of ‘Aroma’ apples in relation to position on the tree Postharvest Biol. Technol. 43 36 46

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David A. Felicetti and Larry E. Schrader

leucoanthocyanidin 4-reductases and anthocyanidin reductases in leaves of grape ( Vitis vinifera L.), apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) and other crops Plant Physiol. Biochem. 44 323 334 Rudell, D.R. Mattheis, J.P. Fan, X

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Ruigang Wu, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

. Bumgarner, R.E. Gardiner, S.E. Skolnick, M. Egholm, M. Van de Peer, Y. Salamini, F. Viola, R. 2010 The genome of the domesticated apple ( Malus × domestica Borkh.) Nat. Genet. 42 833 Wan, B. Lin, Y. Mou, T. 2007 Expression of rice Ca 2+ -dependent protein

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Ignasi Iglesias and Simó Alegre

.J. 1990 Fruit color responses of ‘Granny Smith’ apple to variable light environments N.Z.J. Crop Hort. Sci. 18 205 214 Iglesias, I. 1996 Influencia del material vegetal y del riego por aspersión en la cloración de variedades rojas de manzana ( Malus

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Amaya Atucha, Ian A. Merwin and Michael G. Brown

, D. Aruani, M.C. Curetti, M. 2007 Cover crops influence soil properties and tree performance in an organic apple (Malus domestica Borkh) orchard in northern Patagonia Plant Soil 292 193 203 Sanchez, J.E. Edson, C.E. Bird, G.W. Whalon, M.E. Willson, T

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Štefan Kohek, Nikola Guid, Stanislav Tojnko, Tatjana Unuk and Simon Kolmanič

of ‘Golden delicious’ apple trees ( Malus domestica Borkh) European J. Hort. Sci. 73 205 209 Wareing, P. Nasr, T. 1961 Gravimorphism in trees 1. Effects of gravity on growth and apical dominance in fruit trees Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 25 321 340 Willaume, M