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Xiaohua Yang, Susan K. Brown and Peter J. Davies

). The concentration of GA 19 was also shown to increase with increasing rootstock vigor in the xylem sap of grafted apples in the growing season ( van Hooijdonk et al., 2011 ). Thus, there seems to be a variation in which of the intermediate GAs is the

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Bruce W. Wood and Larry J. Grauke

.C. Wood, B.W. 2007 Nickel deficiency affects nitrogenous forms and urease activity in spring xylem sap of pecan J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132 302 309 Barbalace, K.L. 2011 Periodic table of elements: Ionic radius 15 June 2011. < http

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Mahvash Zarei, Majid Azizi, Majid Rahemi and Ali Tehranifar

Instrument Company, Corvallis, OR) and as soon as xylem sap came out data were taken. About 1 h before measurement, the selected leaf was enclosed in a plastic bag and covered with aluminum foil to equilibrate its xylem water potential with that in the stem

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D. Michael Glenn, Nicola Cooley, Rob Walker, Peter Clingeleffer and Krista Shellie

film under differing levels of pre-veraison water stress HortScience 43 1392 1397 Soar, C.J. Speirs, J. Maffei, S.M. Loveys, B.R. 2004 Gradients in stomatal conductance, xylem sap ABA and bulk leaf

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Eric H. Simonne, Karen E. Koch and John E. Erickson

for drip-irrigated vegetables in Florida HortTechnology 2 27 32 Kato, T. Lou, H. 1989 Effects of rootstock on the yield, mineral nutrition and hormone level in xylem sap in eggplant J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 58 345 352 Kirnak, H. Tas, I. Kaya, C. Higgs

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Bruce W. Wood

nitrogenous forms and urease activity in spring xylem sap of pecan J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132 302 309 Brown, P.H. Welch, R.M. Cary, E.E. 1987 Nickel: A micronutrient essential for higher plants Plant Physiol. 85 801 803 Brown, P.H. Welch, R.M. Madison, J

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Yi Zhang and Imed Dami

. Zhang, D. 2008 Effects of cotton rootstock on endogenous cytokinins and abscisic acid in xylem sap and leaves in relation to leaf senescence J. Expt. Bot. 59 1295 1304 Eichhorn, K.W. Lorenz, D.H. 1977 Phenological development stages of the grapevine

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Chenping Zhou, Ruiting Chen, Yaqiang Sun, He Wang, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xinzhong Zhang, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

2 152 155 Cutting, J.G.M. Lyne, M.C. 1993 Girdling and the reduction in shoot xylem sap concentrations of cytokinins and gibberellins in peach J. Hort. Sci. 68 4 619 626 Dann, I.R. Jerie, P.H. Chalmers, D.J. 1985 Short-term changes in cambial

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Gaofeng Zhou, Bixian Li, Jianmei Chen, Fengxian Yao, Guan Guan, Guidong Liu and Qingjiang Wei

(low pH) not only competes for binding sites with K + but also decreases the efficiency of the H + current in the plasma membrane of the root cell. Additionally, internal and external pH have a role in the regulation of K + secretion into the xylem