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Charles E. Barrett, Xin Zhao and Alan W. Hodges

Sorribas, 2008 ). However, grafting in the United States has not yet reached its full potential as a control for soil-borne pathogens and nematodes. It has been estimated that 40 million grafted vegetable transplants are currently used in the United States

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Sacha J. Johnson and Carol A. Miles

, and large-scale plant propagators as well as small-scale producers are looking for recommendations for grafted vegetable transplant production ( Kubota et al., 2008 ). The splice grafting technique, also known as top grafting or tube grafting, is

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Federica Larcher and Valentina Scariot

3297 Sánchez-Monedero, M.A. Roig, A. Cegarra, J. Bernal, M.P. Noguera, P. Abad, M. Antón, A. 2004 Compost as media constituents for vegetable transplant production Compost Sci. Util. 12 161 168 Scagel, C.F. 2003 Growth and nutrient use of ericaceous

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Guihong Bi, William B. Evans, James M. Spiers and Anthony L. Witcher

vegetable transplant production HortScience 40 623 628 Scagel, C.F. 2005 Inoculation with ericoid mycorrhizal fungi alters fertilizer use of highbush blueberry cultivars HortScience 40 786 794 Schuman

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Chad T. Miller, Neil S. Mattson and William B. Miller

nutrition of higher plants 2nd Ed Academic Press San Diego, CA Masson, J. Tremblay, N. Gosselin, A. 1991 Nitrogen fertilization and HPS supplementary lighting influence vegetable transplant production. I. Transplant growth J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 116 594

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Shawna L. Daley and Richard L. Hassell

vegetable transplants in Tennessee. The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service [online]. 20 Feb. 2013. < > SAS Institute Inc 1989–2010 Jump, Version 10. SAS Institute Inc

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Vincent M. Russo and Wayne W. Fish

vermicompost on vegetable transplant quality HortScience 40 2020 2023 Prosser, J.I. 2006 Microorganisms cycling soil nutrients and their diversity, p. 237–261. In: van Elsas, J.D., J.K. Jansson, and J.T. Trevors (eds.). Modern soil microbiology, CRC Taylor

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Marvin P. Pritts

to take a horticultural item home with them: a floral arrangement, a grafted hibiscus plant, vegetable transplants, a hanging basket, a dyed scarf or shirt, and pots of daffodils ( Narcissus sp.), tulips ( Tulipa sp.), and amaryllis ( Amaryllis

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Olya Rysin and Frank J. Louws

greenhouse operations do their own grafting because there is no local propagator available ( Kubota et al., 2008 ). However, the number and size of commercial vegetable transplant producers is growing in the United States as a result of greater demand for

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George E. Boyhan, Suzzanne Tate, Ryan McNeill and Jeffrey McConnaughey

. Vabrit, S. Raudseping, M. 2005 Tomatisortide iõhenemiskindlus jõgeva sordiaretuse instituudi mahekatses aastatel 2001-2003 Trans. Estonian Agr. Univ. Agron. 220 120 122 Boyhan, G.E. Granberry, D.M. 2010 Commercial production of vegetable transplants. Univ