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Yansheng Li, Ming Du, Qiuying Zhang, Guanghua Wang, Jian Jin, Stephen Herbert and Xiaobing Liu

during the seed filling stage caused by delayed planting date may influence the fresh seed free amino acid concentration significantly. The accumulation of sugars is affected by the temperature during the seed filling stage and cultivars differ in sugar

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Charles S. Krasnow, Rachel P. Naegele and Mary K. Hausbeck

thickness does not necessarily indicate firmness. Future studies could investigate how pericarp firmness and sugar accumulation affect pathogen growth, because Meyer et al. observed that exocarp firmness and fruit resistance increase with age in processing

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Joongmin Shin, Bruce Harte, Janice Harte and Kirk Dolan

postharvest storage of etiolated asparagus spears Physiol. Plant. 86 474 478 Hirai, M. 1982 Accelerated sugar accumulation and ripening of Loquat fruits by exogenously applied ethylene J. Jpn. Soc. Hort. Sci. 51 159 164 Howard, L.R. Miller, G.H. Wagner, A

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Steven J. MacKenzie, Craig K. Chandler, Tomas Hasing and Vance M. Whitaker

also positively correlated with temperature and may be more responsive to temperature changes than sugar transport ( Haller et al., 1941 ). The contribution of fruit photosynthesis to sugar accumulation in fruit is not likely to be significant ( Blanke

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Daniela M. Segantini, Renee T. Threlfall, John R. Clark, Luke R. Howard and Cindi R. Brownmiller

increased the expressions of genes responsible for the biosynthesis of anthocyanins and increased the initial rate of sugar accumulation ( Castellarin et al., 2007 ). There was no effect for genotype for berry width, red drupelet incidence, or soluble solids

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Michael J. Costello and W. Keith Patterson

(rapid cell division followed by cell enlargement), a lag phase (cessation of cell enlargement and initiation of sugar accumulation), and, finally, veraison to ripeness (cell enlargement and initiation of anthocyanin accumulation) ( DeLuc et al., 2007

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Carole L. Bassett, D. Michael Glenn, Philip L. Forsline, Michael E. Wisniewski and Robert E. Farrell Jr

.J. 1998 Leaf age effects on photosynthetic activity and sugar accumulation in droughted and rewatered Lupinus albus plants Aust. J. Plant Physiol. 25 299 306 Easterling, D.R. Meehl, G.A. Parmesan, C. Changnon, S.A. Karl, T.R. Mearns, L.O. 2000 Climate

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Xia Chun-hua and Chen Jian-hua

2+ can overcome the decrease in photosynthate (mainly sugars) accumulation and PAL activity caused by insufficient sunlight ( Wang, 1999 ; Wang et al., 2018 ) and can provide sufficient precursors and pathways for the synthesis of anthocyanins

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James F. Hancock, Chad E. Finn, James J. Luby, Adam Dale, Pete W. Callow and Sedat Serçe

Characteristics of soluble sugar accumulation in commercially grown Fragaria chiloensis HortScience 40 1647 1648 Pinkerton, J. Finn, C.E. 2005 Responses of strawberry species and cultivars to the root- lesion and northern

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Juan Carlos Melgar, Jill M. Dunlop, L. Gene Albrigo and James P. Syvertsen

: The ‘forzatura’ technique in the Sicilian citrus industry Acta Hort. 171 391 397 Barry, G.H. Castle, W.S. Davies, F.S. 2004 Rootstocks and plant water relations affect sugar accumulation of ‘Valencia