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Christopher S. Cramer

This research was funded by the NMSU Agricultural Experiment Station and the New Mexico Dry Onion Commission. Thanks to Petoseed Co., Rio Colorado Seed Co., and Shamrock Seed Co. for the contribution of open-pollinated and hybrid onion

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Emily R. Vollmer, Nancy Creamer, Chris Reberg-Horton and Greg Hoyt

attributed increased weed control to physical properties of the mulch on the soil surface. Bulb onions can be fall-planted for overwintered production in the southeastern United States. The average fall frost date for eastern North Carolina is mid- or late

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Hsiang-I Lee and Michael J. Havey

Hybrid onions are widely grown throughout the world and are commonly produced using CMS lines as seed parents ( Havey, 2000 ). For the most commonly used source of CMS in onion, male sterility results from the interaction of male sterile (S

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez, Jesús Bautista, Anthony Bateman, Guna Gunawati and Cliff Riner

‘Vidalia’ onions are sweet, short day, low pungency, yellow Granex-type bulbs that are popular in the United States because of their mild flavor ( Boyhan and Torrance, 2002 ). ‘Vidalia’ onions are exclusively grown in southeastern Georgia, United

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Daniel I. Leskovar, Shinsuke Agehara, Kilsun Yoo and Nuria Pascual-Seva

Edible alliums are important crops worldwide. Approximately 46% of the international trade value in alliums is for dry bulb onions ( Brewster, 2008 ). World dry bulb onion production in 2009 was 72 million t cultivated on 202,446 ha ( FAO, 2010

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George E. Boyhan, Reid L. Torrance, Jeff Cook, Cliff Riner and C. Randell Hill

Georgia's most important vegetable crop is the short-day sweet onion marketed as the Vidalia onion, which had a farm gate value over $125 million in 2005 ( Boatright and McKissick, 2006 ). This high value crop is produced from transplants produced

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Marisa M. Wall and Joe N. Corgan

This research was supported by the New Mexico Dry Onion Commission and the New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station. We thank Lucinda DeMaria and Victor Guerrero-Prieto for their technical support. The cost of publishing this paper was

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Jongtae Lee

Onion fertility has been an important subject with regards to onion productivity worldwide. In particular, onion has a shallow branched root system with most roots in the top 30 cm of soil ( Portas, 1973 ; Weaver and Brunner, 1927

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George E. Boyhan and C. Randy Hill

The value of Georgia's onion crop is estimated at over $125 million ( Boatright and McKissick, 2006 ). This success is because of the branded Vidalia ® name, coupled with a Federal Market Order, which facilitates a marketing program based on

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Jongtae Lee, Sunkyoung Hwang, Seongtae Lee, Injong Ha, Haejun Hwang, Sangdae Lee and Juyeon Kim

Onion ( Allium cepa L.) is one of the most important vegetable crops grown in Korea. Bulb onion growers reported a total area of 20,036 ha, producing 1.29 million tons of onions [ Statistics Korea (KOSTST), 2013] . The vast majority of this area is