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Timothy K. Hartz, P. R. Johnstone, E. Williams and R.F. Smith

nitrogen fertilizer use and nitrate leaching hazard in lettuce production HortScience 37 1061 1064 Brown, A.L. deBoer, G.J. 1983 Soil tests for zinc, iron, manganese and copper Reisenauer H.M. Soil and

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Charles Benbrook

478 481 Kramer, S.B. Reganold, J.P. Glover, J.D. Bohannan, B.J. Mooney, H.A. 2006 Reduced nitrate leaching and enhanced denitrifier activity and efficiency in organically fertilized soils Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 103 4522 4527 Larson, A. 2007 Yields

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Borut Gosar and Dea Baričevič

and selected soil physical characteristics Amer. J. Potato Res. 76 323 330 Romic, D. Romic, M. Borsic, J. Poljak, M. 2003 Mulching decreases nitrate leaching in bell pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) cultivation Agr. Water Manage. 60 87 97 Tanner, C

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Kaitlyn M. McBride, Richard J. Henny, Terri A. Mellich and Jianjun Chen

.H. 1995 Isolation of tomato strains varying in potassium acquisition using a sand-zeolite culture system Plant Soil 176 65 70 Chen, J. Huang, Y. Caldwell, R.D. 2001 Best management practices for minimizing nitrate leaching from container-grown nurseries

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Lenny Wells

Proc. Fla. State Hort. Soc. 103 42 43 Castle, J.R. Lidon, A.L. Ginestar, C. Ramos, C. 1994 Yield, growth, and nitrate leaching in drip-irrigated citrus trees under different fertigation treatments, p. 961–968. In: J.W. Worthington (ed.). Microirrigation

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Dennis N. Portz and Gail R. Nonnecke

. Cambardella, C. 2002 Nitrogen management strategies to reduce nitrate leaching in tile-drained Midwestern soils Agron. J. 94 153 171 Ellis, M. Welty, C. Funt, R. Doohan, D. Williams, R. Brown, M. Bordelon, B. 2004 Midwest small fruit pest management handbook

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Joan R. Davenport, Robert G. Stevens, Kelly M. Whitley and Tanya Winkler

Kessavalou, A. Doran, J.W. Powers, W.L. Qian, J.H. Kettler, T.A. 1996 Bromide and nitrogen-15 tracers of nitrate leaching under irrigated corn in central Nebraska J. Environ. Qual. 25 1008 1014 Kohne, J.M. Gerke, H.H. 2005 Spatial and temporal dynamics of

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Girija Page, Terry Kelly, Maria Minor and Ewen Cameron

. Ecosyst. Environ. 87 51 65 Di, H.J. Cameron, K.C. 2002 Nitrate leaching in temperate agroecosystems: Sources, factors and mitigating strategies Nutr. Cycl. Agroecosyst. 46 237 256 Greer, D. Cirillo, C. Norling, C. 2003 Temperature-dependence of carbon

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez, Jesús Bautista, Gunawati Gunawan, Anthony Bateman and Cliff Martin Riner

bulb enlargement to bulb harvest, the plants were irrigated with ≈12 mm per week in one to two weekly applications. To minimize nitrate leaching, each irrigation was ended when soil water content was at about field capacity. Soil water content

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Amy L. Shober, Andrew K. Koeser, Drew C. McLean, Gitta Hasing and Kimberly K. Moore

Viburnum odoratissimum Ker-Gawl Plant Soil 284 121 128 Schoene, G. Yeager, T. 2007 Nitrogen uptake and allocation in sweet viburnum during a root growth flush J. Plant Nutr. 30 487 496 Shaddox, T.W. Unruh, J.B. Trenholm, L.E. 2016 Nitrate leaching from