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Dámaris L. Ojeda-Barrios, Eloísa Perea-Portillo, O. Adriana Hernández-Rodríguez, Graciela Ávila-Quezada, Javier Abadía and Leonardo Lombardini

Mn were high and those of Ca, Fe, and Cu were relatively low [according to the reference values reported in Medina (2004) ]. Table 4. Effect of zinc (Zn) foliar applications on leaf mineral composition (at the L5 stage, water stage of the nut) in

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Juan Carlos Díaz-Pérez, Jesús Bautista, Gunawati Gunawan, Anthony Bateman and Cliff Martin Riner

fertilization rate: 1. Plant growth, and leaf and bulb mineral composition HortScience 53 451 458 Díaz-Pérez, J.C. Purvis, A.C. Paulk, J.T. 2003 Bolting, yield, and bulb decay of sweet onion as affected by nitrogen fertilization J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 128 144

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Timothy K. Broschat

Melbourne, Australia Reuther, W. 1948 The mineral composition of date palm foliage Proc. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 5 137 155 Tomlinson, P.B. 1990 The structural biology of palms Clarendon Press Oxford, UK von Uexkull, H.R. Fairhurst, T.H. 1991 The oil palm

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Denise Neilsen, Gerry H. Neilsen, Bahar Fallahi and Bahman Shafii

and mineral composition of ‘Gala’ apple fruit Acta Hort. 564 449 456 Zydlik, Z. Pacholak, E. 2001 Fertigation effects on the concentration of mineral components in the soil and leaves, and the yield and quality of fruits in two apple tree cultivars 457

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Hakan Aktas, Derya Bayındır, Tuba Dilmaçünal and M. Ali Koyuncu

fruit removal force of tomato bunches. It is well known that additions of calcium, zinc, and boron can increase cell wall rigidity, because these elements have major roles in the structure of the plant cell wall. The mineral composition of the MAS

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Patrick Conner

for the first year of seedling growth. Literature cited Gammon N. Jr Sharpe, R. 1959 Effect of five years of differential fertilization with nitrogen and potassium on the soil nutrients and on mineral composition of Curtis pecan leaves Proc

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Mathieu Ngouajio, Guangyao Wang and Ronald G. Goldy

.H. Eakes, D.J. Harris, C.E. 1998 Effects of irrigation and nitrogen rates on foliar mineral composition of bell pepper J. Plant Nutr. 21 2545 2555 Simsek, M. Tonkaz, T. Kacira, M. Comlekcioglu, N. Dogan, Z. 2005 The effects of different irrigation regimes

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Charles Benbrook

>. Wang, S.Y. Zheng, W. Galletta, G.J. 2002 Cultural system affects fruit quality and antioxidant capacity in strawberries J. Agr. Food Chem. 50 6534 6542 White, P.J. Broadley, M.R. 2005 Historical variation in the mineral composition of edible

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M. Kate Lee and Marc W. van Iersel

water on the mineral composition of chrysanthemum Tissue N concentrations were lowest with 9 g·L −1 NaCl, which is consistent with NaCl-induced leaf senescence ( Munns, 2002 ). Tissue phosphorus concentrations decreased, whereas calcium and

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Kourosh Vahdati, Naser Lotfi, Bahman Kholdebarin, Darab Hassani, Reza Amiri, Mohammad Reza Mozaffari and Charles Leslie

Germination, mineral composition, and ion uptake in walnut under salinity conditions HortScience 44 1352 1357 Lu, Z. Neumann, P.M. 1998 Water-stressed maize, barley and rice seedlings show species diversity in mechanisms